Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

1. Does anyone else do this? I honestly think it would save my life!! But....I'm nervous! My luck...I would ruin something VERY important. Not that I can think of anything off the top of my head that qualifies as important, but I am still very nervous.

2. Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture? Previously Annaka posted a blog about her dog's bed. Looks like this is where my puppies prefer to sleep. Leaving very little room for myself to rest as well.

3. Allergy season has hit the Lou like a freight train!! My poor Josh and Malakai! They can't breathe they have swollen eyes and they are for the most part, miserable. This has lead to Malakai coming in to our room at the wee early hours of the morning because he can't sleep and I don't have the heart to turn him away. Again...another picture of me sleeping. Notice a trend? Josh said we both looked so cute and peaceful he couldn't turn down the kodak moment. My hair is H.O.T!!

4. There is no other season that gets this Miller Family more excited than BASEBALL SEASON! Specifically Cardinals! Love them! I have lived in many of towns, well okay only 3 with major baseball teams. I was even lucky enough to live in AZ when the Diamondbacks won the World Series. There is not a town in this country that compares to St. Louis during baseball season. This city is OBSESSED with their Cardinals...and why shouldn't they be? Their amazing! It's exciting! And we are not an exception.

5. Has anyone else's picture uploader in blogger changed? It's really annoying and makes me not even want to upload pictures! I used to be able to do them all at one time and just drag them where I wanted them to be. Now it is a huge PAIN!! I'm super annoyed by this!

6. I need a painting fairy! One of the very few downfalls of our new house is the stark, white, walls! It's awful! The only rooms painted were Malakai's and ours. I miss Leila's beautiful room from the old house. We have finally purchased some pain...at least for the living room and kitchen, but finding the time and energy to do it hasn't been very easy. Does anyone want to volunteer to come turn Leila's room back to this?

7. For fun, I did the Jersey Shore Nickname Generator for Josh and I. His nickname is Juice Box and mine is The Rack! I find this hilarious!!

8. I really want to plant flowers. I have a spot in the front of the house that really needs work. My problem is I don't even know where to start. I need a xanax just to enter the lawn and garden section at lowes...it's so overwhelming! Does anyone have any suggestions? I have to start from scratch...like get dirt and everything. Help!

9. My children are obsessed with toothbrushes. They each have like 12 and notice if one is missing. Is this normal?

10. Melissa (wish I could link you to her blog, but it is still in progress) and I have signed up for a pole-dancing class! Has anyone ever done one of these before? Talk about a cardio workout! Most of you would be lying if you said you have watched those girls and haven't, at least for a second, wished you could do that. We have finally synced our schedules and Wednesday nights it is! Oh boy! Wish me luck!



Colleen said...

I one hundred percent wash all the clothes together, and I don't seperate anything out, unless it is a new item, then I will do a darks load.

Your hair is a HOT MESS in the sleeping picture :-)

I miss you XOXO

Sarah S said...

I could never do laundry that way, not because I don't have kids, but because my closet is so color coordinate, its just easier when putting them away!!

I do miss Lj's beautiful room, but seriously, Josh is so anal would he really let anyone paint?! Don't get me wrong it does need somethin!!!

Happy to see you blogging again, I've missed it!!!

Heather said...

-That is how I do my laundry... seperate the lites from the darks, and a load of towels.... I did not know there was any other way?!?!

-LOVE the picture of the kids in all of their Cardinal gear!! SOOOO CUTE!!! I may have to send them some NY stuff just to get under my brother's skin SHHHHHH !!!

-The Jersey shore stuff is HILARIOUS!! I sent this to Jason (who by the way is a HUGE FAN)and he did this for everyone on our softball team. We are getting new uniforms this season and he is putting "NICK NAMES FROM THE JERSEY SHORE NAME GENERATOR" on the back of our shirts!!

-GIRL just jump in and start growing some stuff... DON'T BE SCARED!!!! I have killed many flowers/plants/bushes!! Honestly what I have learned over the years of attempting to be MRS.GREEN THUMB... plant your garden / flower beds according to seasons so that you will always have COLOR!! I find better deals on line when it comes to shopping for plants rather then hitting Home Depot/Lowes/ or your local nursery. Here is a GREAT site http://springhillnursery.com/Default.asp?bhcd2=1271272130

This site will also help guide you through the process. Once you start you will have soooo much FUN!!

HAPPY GARDENING!!! Miss you all!!

the swope family said...

I do sort my laundry. Kind of a personal choice I think. If I have two smaller loads I will put them together but usually we have PLENTY of laundry to go around!

And, my boys are also obsessed with toothbrushes. I think the obsession is somewhat my fault b/c I used them as teethers when they were both little.

Katie Thomson said...

I agree about the picture uploading on blogger! Takes F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Makes me not want to blog either! :o(

Rylee LOVES toothbrushes too! Too cute!

Sarah McK said...

"The Rack".....Love it!!!