Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. We went to "Trunk or Treat" at Malakai's school last Friday. We didn't get a parking spot this year because we wanted to check it out first since we are newbies. So we just went for the treats. Thank Goodness!! Basically, you pay for a spot, then you decorate it to try and win the "best spot" contest. There were some really awesome and creative ones. Now we know what we are up against to come home with the prize next year :) The kids had a ball! It proved to us, yet again, how different Malakai and Leila are. When he was that age, he could care less about the candy. Leila, on the other hand, wanted every piece to go in her mouth! Thank goodness for the Halloween Witch! If you didn't already see the explanation on Colleen's blog, we set out the candy on Halloween night and she comes and takes it and leaves a nice little toy for the kiddos. She is a HUGE hit in the Miller House!

2. My dad, Lisa, and Kiera are in Disney World right now. This is her like 8th time there in her short life of 5 years. They invite us every time, and I took Malakai once, but we just haven't been able to work it out. I really wish we were there with them right now :(

3. I went up to KC for the day on Saturday. One of my best girlfriends from High School is getting married, so I went up for her shower! Congratulations Alli! I am so happy for you and you guys seem so happy! It's exactly what you deserve!!

4. We had family pictures on Sunday and they went surprisingly well! I can't wait to see the proofs! Believe it or not, this is the FIRST time we have ever had family pics done. I know! Hard to believe since it seems like the kiddos are getting them done monthly :)

5. I'm VERY excited for Friday Night Lights to start back up tomorrow! Such a great show!!

6. Malakai is doing exceptionally well in school! The work he comes home with is amazing! I love to see him grow with all the tasks that are tackled in pre-school. Writing, Reading, Cutting, Coloring. His teachers are amazing, and I love that she communicates with us daily thru their website and tells us what the did each day. This is great because when I pick him up he tells me he is too tired to talk about his day. When I know exactly what he did, I can prompt him and he gets really excited to fill me in :)

7. I'm asking you to keep your fingers crossed for me, and if you pray, please add me to your prayer list :) I will go in to details further, when I have more information, but I'm hoping to have some positive changes in our life real soon!!

8. Even though I don't love the chilly weather, I do love the trees changing this time of year. It truly is beautiful! I think since we are so used to it, we don't take the time we should to appreciate it. I really noticed when we were having our pictures taken. What a beautiful time of year it is!

9. For the eight years I have been with Josh (excluding my time in AZ) we always go to bed watching the sports center highlights. I can talk sports with the best of them because it is drained into my head, over and over again, every night. I have never seen him this depressed over sports, as he is right now! He has a hatred for all sports right now! The Chiefs are sucking, the Yankees are in the World Series, Mizzou is letting him down, KU is winning. The list goes on and on. I kind of feel bad for the guy. He as resorted to watching other things. He new favorite show....Man Caves on DIY! I find it hilarious that he has found a show on one of my favorite channels :)

10. Wish me luck in darts next week, it's the playoffs :)


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Paradise!

We FINALLY had a sunny, decent temperature, weekend day this past weekend! I swear, it seems lately the weekends have been filled with cold temperatures and wet grounds!! We jumped on the opportunity to visit the pumpkin patch since we weren't sure if there would be another one in the near future. Guess what? Everyone else had the same idea :) Good thing we got there when they opened at 9am because by the time we left, it was starting to get WILD busy!!

We started the morning with a stop at our favorite donut shop here in town. We love going in there on Sunday morning, getting a table (they only have two) and chowing down on some long johns. Then, it was off to the patch where...

Leila Fell In Love With the Chickens....

Malakai stared at the gears of a tractor, for what seemed like HOURS...

I attempted 534,785 times to get a good picture of them together...

We turned them in to pumpkins...

Had a few more attempts at a picture

Then headed home...

I love family time! This weekend we have our first ever family pictures scheduled. Please pray for one more decent-weathered day!!


Best thing since I last blogged: We took second place in "league play" of darts this session! Playoffs start next week!!
Worst thing since I last blogged: I've had to whip out the good ole "Happiest Toddler on the Block" book for some tips on dealing with Leila. That book works miracles!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ten on Thursday!

1. Thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers with Malakai. For those of you who don't know, he broke his collar bone at school last Wednesday. He was playing Ring around the Rosie with a bunch of boys and when they all fell down, they decided it would be fun to tackle each other and it just snapped in half. When I picked him up, I knew he was really hurt because he wouldn't let me touch it. Usually he is pretty good about shaking it off when he gets hurt and when he wasn't I knew we had to go to urgent care. He also saw the Ortho doctor who gave him a little brace to wear. It is amazing how kids just bounce back. I wouldn't say he is back to normal, but it definitely isn't affecting his daily life like it was in the beginning!

2. Leila has a new obsession! We were fortunate enough to be given this beautiful vanity! One of my co-workers just moved into a new house and bought all new furniture so they gave this piece to Leila. She LOVES it!! Such a girly-girl!

3. You may remember from last week that Josh and I played darts together and it was NOT good. Weeeellll, I needed a sub again this week and he was my last resort! Because he loves me, he said yes and we ended up kicking some major behind. It's amazing how much more fun it is playing together when we are winning :)

4. The weather here has been awful! Rainy, cold, and gloomy! I can handle the cold, but when the sun isn't shining, that's when I have a problem. It changes my whole mood...I hate it!! It has been unseasonly cold, barely even reaching 50 degrees during the day. We have family pictures on the 25th...outside. Please Lord, give us a little bit of sunshine!

5. I hate Flu Season! It is awful at work! People are freaking out about H1N1 AND the seasonal flu! There is a shortage on the seasonal flu vac so people are constantly screaming all day long! We haven't even received the H1N1 yet from the health department which causes people to scream as well. Everyone is on edge and snapping at each other. The sad part, this is just the beginning!

6. For those of you following my sketchy Etsy seller saga, I received the outfit and on a positive note, it is freaking adorable! However, I was told by the seller that she would refund my shipping charges which she did not do until I pointed it out when I left her negative feedback on her etsy site. I still have not received an apology!

7. Leila has an obsession with hats. If there is a hat, she puts it on. I love it! Although, she doesn't seem to want the hat I want her to wear. Is this what I have to look forward to with girls? Constant defiance?! She also must have been feeling a lack of attention, since she felt it necessary to wear Malakai's sling :)

8. I went to my first Massage Party over the weekend and it was Fabulous! It was myself and three girlfriends. There was a masseuse set up in a room, and we each took a turn with a 45 minute session with her. While one was getting her massage, the rest of us were enjoying wine and conversation. The men came over afterwards with all the kids for a great Lasagna dinner. Thank you Sherri for hosting! Too bad we couldn't get Sara in the picture :(

Sherri, Me, and Kristen

Jon Jon and Malakai (the only two I could get to pause long enough for a pic!)

9. I can't stand Russell on Survivor! I'm almost to the point though, where I think he deserves to win because the people he is manipulating are so STUPID!
10. Don't forget to check out the new blog :) http://www.smokinhotmomdeals.blogspot.com/
Ps. I find it interesting that Leila is NOT highlighted in yellow while spell-checking!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Blog!!

So, Colleen and I got together and put together a new blog! Smokin Hot Mom Deals!! There are SO many amazing deals and products out there, that we thought we would create a place where we could share with you our favorites :)

Please feel free to share with us anything you think our readers might enjoy as well! Just email us at smokinhotmomdeals@gmail.com with the information.

Hope you enjoy!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Costume Contest!!

My girl Sarah is having a FABULOUS blog giveaway this weekend!! Click on her name to head over and check it out!!

Here is my official entry:

My Peacock, Leila :)


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Smokin Deal!!

Looking for a good Christmas Present for that little boy (or girl) that seems to have everything?! Head on over to Amazon and pick up a One Year Subscription of Sports Illustrated for Kids for only FIVE DOLLARS!! Are you kidding me?! That's over a 90% savings!! I'm pretty sure the offer only lasts till the 10th so you better hurry! It also gives you the opportunity to print out a little gift card to give the recipient to let them know the gift has been purchased for them.

Gotta love it!!



Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ten on Tuesday, Kansas City Style

1. We went to Kansas City for the weekend. Any time we get a chance to spend some quality time with family, we jump on it!!

2. Friday morning Lisa and I hit up an AWESOME scrapbooking sale!! Some guy who was apparently a rep for a lot of companies was selling all his stuff. It was like we were in scrapbook heaven!!

3 and 4. We headed to the pumpkin patch for the first of many times I'm sure this season. The kids had a ball. The weather was cool and the wind was crisp so it really felt like Fall. We went early on Friday, so it was not busy at all! We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves which was very nice!! I have a million pictures, but I would never have the patients to upload them all, so here are just a few :) This gets two numbers due to all the pics!

5. After naps on Friday, we went out for Mexican with my Dad and Lisa and enjoyed the conversation and margaritas!!

6. Saturday morning we headed to B-town to see Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw Miller. We had the chance to go to Josh and I's High School Homecoming. This was the first game played in their new stadium. It is absolutely gorgeous!! Malakai enjoyed the game tremendously and Josh and I enjoyed to opportunity to catch up with old coaches and friends.

7 and 8. Saturday night, after a great dinner with Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw, we put the kids to bed and headed out to have drinks with even more family and friends. Again, all the pics, it gets two entries!

Josh, Cornell, and Tiant

Me and my favorite Uncle Jay

My beautiful cousins Michael and Mallory

My buddy in picture taking crime, Dougie

Can you tell we are cousins? Kassidy, Me, and Mallory

9. Sunday morning we went and visited my 98 year old Great-Great Aunt. She was so happy to see us and adores the kiddos. She told us she could sit and watch them for hours. I wish I had my camera to capture the moment :( She is so amazing!! She does an exercise class where she lives! She told us they release a bunch of balloons and they all hit them around the room. She said she is really good at hitting them with her head and all her friends think she should play soccer!!

10. Sunday we headed back over to my Dad and Lisa's to watch the Chiefs game and then it was time to head home. It was a fabulous weekend! Way too short as always!

My little sister has become QUITE the piano player!!

Messy face Leila and her Poppy


Best thing since I last blogged: One of my BFF's Allison is getting married!! Whoo Hoo!!

Worst thing since I last blogged: Josh had to fill in as my partner tonight in darts because my brother had to work and it was AWFUL!! We both played terrible (myself worse than him) and we got our behinds kicked!! Due to our competitive nature on top of not being used to losing it darts, it was no fun at all!! Never again!!