Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. We went to "Trunk or Treat" at Malakai's school last Friday. We didn't get a parking spot this year because we wanted to check it out first since we are newbies. So we just went for the treats. Thank Goodness!! Basically, you pay for a spot, then you decorate it to try and win the "best spot" contest. There were some really awesome and creative ones. Now we know what we are up against to come home with the prize next year :) The kids had a ball! It proved to us, yet again, how different Malakai and Leila are. When he was that age, he could care less about the candy. Leila, on the other hand, wanted every piece to go in her mouth! Thank goodness for the Halloween Witch! If you didn't already see the explanation on Colleen's blog, we set out the candy on Halloween night and she comes and takes it and leaves a nice little toy for the kiddos. She is a HUGE hit in the Miller House!

2. My dad, Lisa, and Kiera are in Disney World right now. This is her like 8th time there in her short life of 5 years. They invite us every time, and I took Malakai once, but we just haven't been able to work it out. I really wish we were there with them right now :(

3. I went up to KC for the day on Saturday. One of my best girlfriends from High School is getting married, so I went up for her shower! Congratulations Alli! I am so happy for you and you guys seem so happy! It's exactly what you deserve!!

4. We had family pictures on Sunday and they went surprisingly well! I can't wait to see the proofs! Believe it or not, this is the FIRST time we have ever had family pics done. I know! Hard to believe since it seems like the kiddos are getting them done monthly :)

5. I'm VERY excited for Friday Night Lights to start back up tomorrow! Such a great show!!

6. Malakai is doing exceptionally well in school! The work he comes home with is amazing! I love to see him grow with all the tasks that are tackled in pre-school. Writing, Reading, Cutting, Coloring. His teachers are amazing, and I love that she communicates with us daily thru their website and tells us what the did each day. This is great because when I pick him up he tells me he is too tired to talk about his day. When I know exactly what he did, I can prompt him and he gets really excited to fill me in :)

7. I'm asking you to keep your fingers crossed for me, and if you pray, please add me to your prayer list :) I will go in to details further, when I have more information, but I'm hoping to have some positive changes in our life real soon!!

8. Even though I don't love the chilly weather, I do love the trees changing this time of year. It truly is beautiful! I think since we are so used to it, we don't take the time we should to appreciate it. I really noticed when we were having our pictures taken. What a beautiful time of year it is!

9. For the eight years I have been with Josh (excluding my time in AZ) we always go to bed watching the sports center highlights. I can talk sports with the best of them because it is drained into my head, over and over again, every night. I have never seen him this depressed over sports, as he is right now! He has a hatred for all sports right now! The Chiefs are sucking, the Yankees are in the World Series, Mizzou is letting him down, KU is winning. The list goes on and on. I kind of feel bad for the guy. He as resorted to watching other things. He new favorite show....Man Caves on DIY! I find it hilarious that he has found a show on one of my favorite channels :)

10. Wish me luck in darts next week, it's the playoffs :)



Colleen said...

Saying my prayers now, GOOD NIGHT! Call me tomorrow on your way home, I should be here!

Heather said...

LOVE THE COSTUMES!!!! SOOO adorable!! Tell my brother to pull out the tissues, because the YANKEES are GOING ALL THE WAY!!!!

Hey I found a really good website for sport jerseys... you will not believe how great the prices are. I am stocking up for Christmas. I thought you might be interested. here is the link.

Sarah McK said...

You're on the prayer list. Cute idea about the Halloween witch! However, that's not gonna fly in several years unless it's replaced with video games, so enjoy it while it lasts! :)

Colleen said...

Jackson is already getting a PSP game this year! The Halloween Witch is going to last FOREVER! Pat's office would die if he didn't come in the next morning with ALL of our candy!

Spirit's Breeze Photography personal blog said...

Please tell me your kids get some of the candy?!?!?!?! IT IS TRADITION!

Karissa said...

Too funny!! Kai is getting a Wii game!! LOL!

Nicole, they get to eat all the stinkin candy they want that night!! Malakai has always loved it, Leila I think will be a little more difficult ot have her give it up!!

Katie Thomson said...

I am already getting Rylee set for the Halloween witch too! Although at this age, she probably would prefer a toy anyway!

I am sure the teachers were thinking I was crazy when explaining this Halloween witch the other day at lunch time but they won't think I am so crazy when I bring in all the candy the next day! They will LOVE me! :o)

So has it worked saying the Halloween witch took ALL the candy and they really forget about it?

Colleen said...

Kids get SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much candy at Halloween, that it is completely overwhelming. I think making them choose a few (by few I mean two) pieces that they really covet makes them enjoy it that much more! Plus with all the sugar they have at parties during the day, we are really doing them a favor! My kids know the Halloween Witch is coming and they are SUPER excited, they could care less about the candy, HONESTLY, they never look back. I think since we have been doing it since J was 10 months old, it is just tradition! What do you think Karissa?

Karissa said...

I think your totally right!! When they don't know any different, it's not an issue at all!!

I just happened to read the idea in a Parents Magazine when I was prego with Malakai, told Colleen, and we both just ran with it and never looked back :)

Malakai has switched it up a little and now he says that it is a Halloween Monster that sees him and a Witch that sees Leila!

Katie Thomson said...

Well I am starting it with Rylee this year so I am exicted. I am glad it works! They definitely don't need all that sugar the whole week after too! :o)

The Halloween Witch better get her butt to the store for a toy!! ;o)

the swope family said...

I think we're joining the Halloween Witch tradition this year. Hopefully Porter won't mind since he's old enough to know that we have never done it before!

ps - the costumes are adorable!

Colleen said...

HOORAY, another Halloween Witch convert!