Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday....

1. Just got back from having dinner and cocktails with my girl Nicole tonight. Darts was cancelled so I hit her up. So glad I did! Love the conversation and girl time. Thanks gal!

2. This past weekend was the first one in a long time where we really had nothing (other than a soccer game) on the schedule. It was nice just being able to do what we want, when we wanted. The weather was rainy on Saturday, so the kids an I stayed in and played board games, colored, and just enjoyed the quality time. I think this is one of the positives (although there are many negatives) of being a mom that works outside of the home. I value my time with them SO much!

3. The weather is changing. This means one thing....everyone gets sick! It is pretty much guaranteed every fall that when Fall weather starts, my house is sick! So far it has only hit Josh, and I hope it stays that way! We should only be so lucky!!

4. I wish people would just lay off of Terrell Owens!! Yes he has had his obnoxious moments. However, I feel like it doesn't matter what he does or says, the media torcher him! Did anyone see that press conference after the game on Sunday? Those reporters were doing everything they could to get a reaction out of him and he did not take the bait and took the high road. I really got in to his reality show, T.O., and I feel like it really gave me the opportunity to see him as a person as opposed to an entertaining athlete. I'm not gonna lie, I like the guy :)

5. I'm having my first experience with a sketchy etsy seller :( I ordered Leila a pumpkin patch outfit on 09-01-09. On 09-11-09 she sent me an email thanking me for my purchase and letting me know it is getting ready to be shipped. On 09-25-09 I sent her an email checking the status of the order since I was planning on having it for this coming up weekend. On 09-28-09 she replied stating she would check her tracking since I should have it by now and would get back with me ASAP. I have heard nothing! I don't want to bug her, but I feel like she should express ship me another one. If any of my readers out there have any suggestions on how I should handle this, it would be greatly appreciated!!

6. Even though it was rainy on Saturday, Sunday was gorgeous!! It gave me an opportunity to get the kids outside and play with my new camera :)

7. Bella has had a few more "heart spells." She will be playing normally, stop, sways back and forth a little, then falls over and passes out for a second. It makes me sad. As much as I complain about her, she is a sweet girl. We have all gotten totally attached to her. I hope these are just "spells" and she gives us many more years.

8. Go Cardinals! They clenched the National League Central this week!! I love me some Cardinals!!

9. Poppy had some work to do in the Lou this week, so he stayed with us Monday night. This makes Malakai and Leila VERY excited!! They love their Poppy. I of course, also love having him :)

10. Malakai celebrated Johnny Appleseed all last week at school. In art class, he made this fabulous hat and he LOVES it!! Never wants to take it off :) Guess what? Bella ate it!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ten on Tues...I mean Thursday ;)

1. I'm notorious for missing TonT every now and then. However, I never miss two weeks in a row. So here it is, better late than never. No matter how little I really have to say.

2. I cried like a baby tonight watching the Patrick Swayze tribute on Dancing with the Stars. What a great man and actor. I told Josh we need to have a movie night in his honor and watch Dirty Dancing, Road House, and Ghost. Three fabulous movies!! He quickly reminded me that we have a hard enough time fitting ONE movie in, so it may take us awhile. Is it weird that I felt so much more sadness for Patrick than Michael Jackson. I'm not sure why. I like Michael Jackson's music and a lot of it occupies space on my ipod, I just didn't have that same sadness watching his tributes as I did with this 3 minute clip of dancing. Strange...

3. I stole this cute little video idea from Colleen :) Thank you!!

4. Josh and I are going on a cruise!! It's not till May, for our 5 year wedding anniversary, but it gives us something to look forward to during the miserable winter!

5. I set dates for my garage sale!! October 7th and 10th. Those of you interested, hit me up for the address (since it's not at my crib).

6. My mom and I took Malakai, Leila, and my nieces to a Historical Festival at Faust Park over the weekend. They had a great time making rope, washing their hands the old fashioned way, making pegs that used to be used to build log homes, and making corn juice. After checking out all the exhibits, we wrapped the day up with snow cones and a little playground time. It was a beautiful day, and great cousin bonding time.

7. Malakai has never really been much of a gamer. Don't get me wrong, he has a Nintendo DS and enjoys playing it, he just has never had that obsession for video games. Until now! He found my old Game Cube and we realized that the games would play in the Wii and he is not OBSESSED with Luigi's Mansion! To the point where he asks to play it as soon as he wakes up in the morning (no video games before school, it would just be a battle when it's time to leave) and as soon as he gets home from school. The thing is, I HATE that game! Why couldn't he love Pacman World on PS2? That is my ALL TIME favorite video game ;) It brings me back to the Summer of 2001 when I spent two months with Josh while I was on break at ASU. He worked all the time, so he bought me that game to pass the time. Also the same summer Colleen got engaged! It's funny how certain things strike up memories as if it were yesterday!

8. You might remember back when we first got Bella, we found out she had a heart condition. It has never had a noticeable affect on her until the other day. She got up to greet Josh and stood there like she was tipsy and then preceded to pass out! Only for a few seconds, but it was scary!! I hope this isn't a sign!

9. I'm trying to write this while watching the season premier of Grey's and I am totally distracted! Is anyone else as excited for new TV as I am?!

10. My little sister auditioned for Oliver! and got cast as an orphan/Londoner!! I am so proud of her for getting up on stage and belting out the Star Spangled Banner!! I will be sure to get everyone local details as they become available.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's Apple Picking Time!!

With our weekends being SO crazy...we didn't have very many options on when we could go Apple Picking this year. The season is such a short window!! So we had on our calendars that we would be going this morning, before Josh had to be at work at noon. What do we wake up to?! RAIN!! As Josh and I are lying in bed, pondering the idea if we should still go or not, here comes Malakai. He woke up, came straight to our room and says, half asleep, "I'm SO excited to go apple picking today!!" Neither one of us could tell that sweet, little, face that we weren't going because of a little rain. I was a little disappointed because I had such cute outfits for them to wear, however, since it rained all night, I wasn't taking the chance of them getting ruined, so we just threw on some clothes (including Malakai's boots, which I NEVER let him wear) not worrying about appearance :)
So, we loaded up and headed to Eckerts. It rained the whole 30 minute drive there! The second we pulled in to the parking lot, it stopped!! It was starting to look pretty good. Here we are standing in line waiting to catch the tractor that takes us to the orchard :)

We load up on the tractor, and here...comes...the...rain!! Just a small drizzle, nothing we can't handle. I'm more annoyed that I have to put my camera away because I don't want it getting wet!! Once we get to the orchard, the kids take off! We were picking mostly Jonathon and Red Delicious. As you can see, Leila was focusing on Jonathon, and Malakai Red Delicious :)

By the time we were waiting for the tractor to head back, it was POURING, and it was COLD!! All four of us were completely drenched. Malakai and Leila were shivering, but we were all laughing the whole time. After paying for our apples, we ran to the car and stripped them to their diaper and underwear!! They were sharing a nice, warm, blanket...


Leila realized her apple was MUCH more important!

All in all, it was another successful Miller Family Adventure!!


Best thing since I last blogged: Josh and I had date night last night! We had a great dinner and went as watched "The Time Traveler's Wife" It was good, but not NEAR as good as the book!!
Worst thing since I last blogged: I just blogged yesterday, I can't think of anything terrible that has happened since then...except maybe I haven't figured out how to magically get my laundry to complete itself :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

So excited...

To have gotten a new camera for my birthday!! Thanks to my hubby and beautiful kids, I now am the proud owner of a Canon Rebel!! I have felt totally naked the last month without a camera!! Thank you loves, for the best gift ever!!

There is one little problem. I have NO idea what the heck I am doing!! We went to the Balloon Glow last night and it was B..A..D! None of the pictures were turning out, and some looked down right crazy!! This is to be expected though. I had a much better time at Malakai's soccer game this morning.

I am reading the manual, but I feel like it talks to me like I should already know what all the photo jargon means. Does anyone know of a good manual/book for total beginners?! And I mean TOTAL beginner! I don't want to do fancy stuff, I just want to be able to take nice pictures of my kiddos :)

Here are a few from this morning...

Sorry for the lack of T on T this week! This seemed to be an even crazier week than usual! I plan to get back on track here soon. I hope everyone is doing well.
Best thing since I last blogged: Malakai came home from school reciting the Lords Prayer in SPANISH!! It's amazing what kids are learning these days!!
Worst thing since I last blogged: Crazy schedules and trying to keep the synchronized. If anyone has any suggestions...PLEASE let me know! I've tried Calendars, Blue toothing, etc. Nothing works for my dear husband!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Tuesday...yet again!

1. Ten on Tuesdays are my favorite blogs to read when it comes to my friends! I love that I get that brief synopsis of whats going on in their lives. Makes me feel like happy, especially when I am so far away from most of them.

2. On my 44 days of no shopping, I really focused on using coupons and taking advantage of Deal Seeking Mom! I added up the total savings from the month of July and saved this Miller household over $200!! Josh was VERY impressed! I got really bad at just spending and not giving it much thought. When you actually take the time and effort (not that I really have much of either to give up) it can really make a difference!

3. It almost makes me sick to watch the rest of this Big Brother season because I HATE Natalie! I know hate is a really strong word, but I can't stand to look at her face or hear her voice, and to me, that is hate. Thank God Jordan finally started making out with Jeff! If I were her, I would have been smooching him LONG before she started!!

4. Malakai is STILL enjoying school. I know it won't last forever, but right now, he LOVES it!! Even though I have to pull things out of him when it comes to what he did all day :) His favorite part is telling me who has to go to the "Spot" for not behaving. I'll hate to see what happens if he has a bad day and has to go, because right now it is the WORST thing that could ever happen in his eyes!

5. We are in MAJOR need of a trip to Virginia Beach! I am so sad that we couldn't make the trip work out this month! We miss Aunt Heather and Uncle J TREMENDOUSLY!!

6. I am OBSESSED with Internet contests/giveaways! Seriously?! I just entered one where I'm trying to win Josh a free copy of Madden 10. They put up a tagline, and I had to use the tagline creatively. I just found out tonight I'm a finalist! Woot! Woot!

7. I am so excited to have Kristy and Tiant come visit us this weekend!! It has been WAY to long since I've gotten some quality Kristy and T time!! It's one of the sucky things that sucks about growing up! Everyones schedules are SO crazy, it's hard to find that time! I love that I have that friendship with Kristy that we may not talk everyday, but we always pick up where we left off. To me, that is true friendship!

8. I put the diva on the wait list for a daycare :( I know my nannies are actively looking for "real" jobs, so I'm just trying to cover my bases. This is another thing that makes me sad! I (and Leila) LOVE Carrie and Sarah!! They have been such a huge part of her growing up. The Miller's are going to be devastated to lose them!

9. You know your getting old when the highlight of your month is that your favorite shows are starting back up and your looking forward to some new ones! I am so excited for "Glee" to start. I honestly feel I was born to BE on that show!! One day maybe, one day.

10. Last, but not least, I miss my Colleen! I miss that we don't talk everyday, I miss that I have no idea what is going on with her other than what I read on her blog, I miss that she had an awful week and I don't feel like I was there for her, I miss EVERYTHING. I'm not sure what has happened, other than life itself. No one is to blame. However, I know I am a better/happier person when I have her more in my life.



I am having a really difficult time with my little Leila Jane lately. I feel like she is in that really difficult stage where she wants what she wants, when she wants it, and there is no negotiating. However, I feel like it is only this way with ME!

Take yesterday for instance. She is a perfect, little angel, till Josh goes to work at noon, then watch out!! She followed me from room to room, screaming belligerently at me! She wanted up! She wanted down! Uh Oh, she didn’t want down at all! Mean, Mean, Mommy!!

She screams and whines at me for having the audacity of doing the following:

I refused to let her play with scissors.

I refused to let her eat a stick of butter.

I denied her the joy of playing alone on Malakai’s bunk-bed that sits 5 foot off the floor. In turn denying her the right to break her face plummeting into the floor or bedside table. I would like to keep her first head injury off till at least the age of 5!!

I dressed her.

I offered her a sippy cup of water.

I refused to let her throw magnets in the washing machine, I did however, let her stick them on the side. Nope. Not good enough.

And the final straw: I handed her a piece of banana. Banana!! Her favorite fruit!! How dare I?!

I’m not quite sure what to do. In her eyes, how dare I have the nerve to feed and clothe her, and prevent her from injuring herself! How dare I place these sort of limits on her! Let’s just say there was much flinging of sippy cups and bananas and binkys. Which by the way she still has, mostly because Josh and I are afraid of her and what would happen if we tried to take it. So, thanks to the The Meyer’s for giving us the idea of having Santa take them to give to all the babies who don’t have binkies. Josh wondered if that would scar her from Santa for the rest of her life….I don’t think so. Plus I think Malakai will do a great job of hyping it up. We will see.

Why is it always the mommy that gets this kind of punishment?! Josh let me sleep in the other morning, I come downstairs, and they looked like the front of a Hallmark card! All playing nicely, laughing, etc. Josh goes upstairs to get ready for work and all hell breaks loose! Bella starts biting my bottom, Leila starts screaming because I’m not making breakfast quick enough….Seriously People!!

I vaguely remember Malakai at 18 months. He was difficult in other ways. It is so amazing how different they are! Malakai spent his whole toddler-hood in a stroller. Everywhere we went, he was in a stroller. Cardinals Game...stroller. Wiggles...stroller. He is STILL confined to a stroller or shopping cart when we go shopping. Leila is much easier in the sense, I don't have to lug a stroller to Malakai's soccer games, she will happily play right there close to me without problem. She is an awesome sleeper/napper, eater, independent. It's this dramaticness (is that a word) that I am having trouble with. I have NO idea where she gets it ;)

Words of widsom...please?


Best thing since I last blogged: Had a great night out with Kristen!! Go Tigers!!

Worst thing since I last blogged: STILL going without a camera!! Definitely on my list of things to do this week :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Oh What a Day!!

What a fabulous holiday weekend we have had here at the Miller House!! I can actually say for the first time, in a REALLY long time, I could actually handle Josh's hours! I felt like I was married to a banker this weekend! He was off Friday and off early on Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday!! A big change from his 14 hour days, but it's not something I can get used to, as he was just using up some vacation :)

Anyhow, we spent the day Friday playing tourist in the grand city of St. Louis. You know how it is, you live in a city, yet you rarely visit the main attractions that people specifically come to see when they are visiting from out of town. So, after morning naps, we headed to the Loop for lunch at the famous Fitz's Restaurant. Yum-O! Malakai and Leila got to see how root beer was made, and we all enjoyed a wonderful lunch of greasy burgers, french fries, onion rings, and last but not least, Root beer!!

After lunch, we headed to Forest Park to let the kids burn off some energy. On our way home, we hit yet another, park :)

When we got home, it was time for playing outside and cocktails for mommy and daddy!

This video is awesome!! Just listen to Malakai scolding him :)

Since I'm the ONLY one who ever picks up a camera around this place, I decided to take a snapshot of myself :) I don't want my kids to think "Where was Mommy?" since there are all sorts of pictures of them with Josh, and NONE with me ;)


Best thing since I last blogged: I spent my $45 off $100 coupon that I won at Old Navy! That was very exciting!! I also have had a five day weekend which I have enjoyed immensely!!

Worst thing since I last blogged: Getting ready for a garage sale is NEVER fun!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wow, Time Really Flies!!

Malakai had his first day of Pre-K this past Thursday! I can't believe that my little guy has gone from this...

To this....

I realize that it is such a cliche' to say that they grow up so fast, but truly, THEY DO!! Poor kid had a camera in his face from the second he woke up that morning, because I didn't want to miss a thing!! He is so excited to have Jon-Jon in his class (a previous Goddard classmate) however, I think they were both a little sad that Landon wasn't there :(

To Malakai, you are such a little man now! It seems like yesterday that your dad and I found out we were pregnant with you. From that second forward, our lives were changed for the better! Okay, maybe not that exact second, but immediately after the shock wore off ;) I only hoped that I would be the mother that you so deserved. When you left for school, and I looked back on the past 4 1/2 years, I can not help but smile. I have learned so much from you, and will continue to do so for the years to come. How to love unconditionally, how to forgive, how to be carefree, how to be innocent, the list is endless. Thank you Malakai, for choosing me as your mother. You have made my life worthwhile. Love, MOM
Best thing since I last blogged: I have come to terms with a lot of things that I have let weigh me down lately. I have realized God has a plan for me, and I need to start looking at the glass half full.
Worst thing since I last blogged: I still haven't found my camera. Which means I look like a tourist everywhere we go because I have my hard disk camcorder with me to take still shots. Even though it's tiny, it still has the screen that flips out, so it looks like I'm taking video :)