Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday....

1. Just got back from having dinner and cocktails with my girl Nicole tonight. Darts was cancelled so I hit her up. So glad I did! Love the conversation and girl time. Thanks gal!

2. This past weekend was the first one in a long time where we really had nothing (other than a soccer game) on the schedule. It was nice just being able to do what we want, when we wanted. The weather was rainy on Saturday, so the kids an I stayed in and played board games, colored, and just enjoyed the quality time. I think this is one of the positives (although there are many negatives) of being a mom that works outside of the home. I value my time with them SO much!

3. The weather is changing. This means one thing....everyone gets sick! It is pretty much guaranteed every fall that when Fall weather starts, my house is sick! So far it has only hit Josh, and I hope it stays that way! We should only be so lucky!!

4. I wish people would just lay off of Terrell Owens!! Yes he has had his obnoxious moments. However, I feel like it doesn't matter what he does or says, the media torcher him! Did anyone see that press conference after the game on Sunday? Those reporters were doing everything they could to get a reaction out of him and he did not take the bait and took the high road. I really got in to his reality show, T.O., and I feel like it really gave me the opportunity to see him as a person as opposed to an entertaining athlete. I'm not gonna lie, I like the guy :)

5. I'm having my first experience with a sketchy etsy seller :( I ordered Leila a pumpkin patch outfit on 09-01-09. On 09-11-09 she sent me an email thanking me for my purchase and letting me know it is getting ready to be shipped. On 09-25-09 I sent her an email checking the status of the order since I was planning on having it for this coming up weekend. On 09-28-09 she replied stating she would check her tracking since I should have it by now and would get back with me ASAP. I have heard nothing! I don't want to bug her, but I feel like she should express ship me another one. If any of my readers out there have any suggestions on how I should handle this, it would be greatly appreciated!!

6. Even though it was rainy on Saturday, Sunday was gorgeous!! It gave me an opportunity to get the kids outside and play with my new camera :)

7. Bella has had a few more "heart spells." She will be playing normally, stop, sways back and forth a little, then falls over and passes out for a second. It makes me sad. As much as I complain about her, she is a sweet girl. We have all gotten totally attached to her. I hope these are just "spells" and she gives us many more years.

8. Go Cardinals! They clenched the National League Central this week!! I love me some Cardinals!!

9. Poppy had some work to do in the Lou this week, so he stayed with us Monday night. This makes Malakai and Leila VERY excited!! They love their Poppy. I of course, also love having him :)

10. Malakai celebrated Johnny Appleseed all last week at school. In art class, he made this fabulous hat and he LOVES it!! Never wants to take it off :) Guess what? Bella ate it!



Sarah S said...

Let me first tell you that I was a little nervous when you brought up Johnny Appleseed considering you took a pic with me wearing that wonderful hat!!!

About the Etsy lady, bug her and have her overnight it, considering it is going on Oct 1 and you ordered and paid for it a month ago!!

And lastly I'm not very excited about sickness running through your house! Considering it always starts with Josh, and then I bring it home!!! Not a very good time!!

Loved the pictures, not so sure as to what you were doing in the first one, but good job!!

Sarah McK said...

You should DEFINITELY bug the etsy lady!!! That is extremely unprofessional and she needs to get you a new one ASAP! You paid for it over a month ago! She may not even be trying to pull something, but even if she's just flighty and irresponsible she can't run a business like that! You paid for it a month ago, not a week ago. You are entitled to bug her and demand action.

Spirit's Breeze Photography personal blog said...

Thanks for askin' me out hot stuff!

Nice camera, I need one like that. We must play darts again