Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Tuesday...yet again!

1. Ten on Tuesdays are my favorite blogs to read when it comes to my friends! I love that I get that brief synopsis of whats going on in their lives. Makes me feel like happy, especially when I am so far away from most of them.

2. On my 44 days of no shopping, I really focused on using coupons and taking advantage of Deal Seeking Mom! I added up the total savings from the month of July and saved this Miller household over $200!! Josh was VERY impressed! I got really bad at just spending and not giving it much thought. When you actually take the time and effort (not that I really have much of either to give up) it can really make a difference!

3. It almost makes me sick to watch the rest of this Big Brother season because I HATE Natalie! I know hate is a really strong word, but I can't stand to look at her face or hear her voice, and to me, that is hate. Thank God Jordan finally started making out with Jeff! If I were her, I would have been smooching him LONG before she started!!

4. Malakai is STILL enjoying school. I know it won't last forever, but right now, he LOVES it!! Even though I have to pull things out of him when it comes to what he did all day :) His favorite part is telling me who has to go to the "Spot" for not behaving. I'll hate to see what happens if he has a bad day and has to go, because right now it is the WORST thing that could ever happen in his eyes!

5. We are in MAJOR need of a trip to Virginia Beach! I am so sad that we couldn't make the trip work out this month! We miss Aunt Heather and Uncle J TREMENDOUSLY!!

6. I am OBSESSED with Internet contests/giveaways! Seriously?! I just entered one where I'm trying to win Josh a free copy of Madden 10. They put up a tagline, and I had to use the tagline creatively. I just found out tonight I'm a finalist! Woot! Woot!

7. I am so excited to have Kristy and Tiant come visit us this weekend!! It has been WAY to long since I've gotten some quality Kristy and T time!! It's one of the sucky things that sucks about growing up! Everyones schedules are SO crazy, it's hard to find that time! I love that I have that friendship with Kristy that we may not talk everyday, but we always pick up where we left off. To me, that is true friendship!

8. I put the diva on the wait list for a daycare :( I know my nannies are actively looking for "real" jobs, so I'm just trying to cover my bases. This is another thing that makes me sad! I (and Leila) LOVE Carrie and Sarah!! They have been such a huge part of her growing up. The Miller's are going to be devastated to lose them!

9. You know your getting old when the highlight of your month is that your favorite shows are starting back up and your looking forward to some new ones! I am so excited for "Glee" to start. I honestly feel I was born to BE on that show!! One day maybe, one day.

10. Last, but not least, I miss my Colleen! I miss that we don't talk everyday, I miss that I have no idea what is going on with her other than what I read on her blog, I miss that she had an awful week and I don't feel like I was there for her, I miss EVERYTHING. I'm not sure what has happened, other than life itself. No one is to blame. However, I know I am a better/happier person when I have her more in my life.



Colleen said...

UGH! Because I need to cry some more today!!!!! GOOD LORD! Sounds like you had a pretty bizarre last week as well, and I wasn't there for you, so we are even, LOL!!!! I love and miss you so much!

Sarah McK said...

I TOTALLY hear you about Glee! I am pumped!