Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ten on Tueday!

1. I have seemed to misplace my camera! I am devastated!! The only thing I can think of is that I left it at the resort when we went to the lake. Of course, I called and they have not seen it. This makes my TonT this week because it gives my children an explanation as to why there are no August 2009 pictures of them. I know they will be wondering :) At least it gives me an opportunity to justify buying a non-point and shoot camera. Does anyone have any suggestions for a decent, beginner camera. I don't want to be professional, just want to get decent pics of my kiddos. I would like (though I don't know if possible) to keep it around $400.

2. I had SO much fun doing my 100th post giveaway! Thank you so much to everyone who participated and congrats to Jaime for being the lucky winner!! It was so sweet of you to pick two bags and give one to myself! So thoughtful!! If you haven't received them already, they should be on your doorstep any day now :)

3. I believe in Karma! Thanks to Kate, I too have started entering blog giveaways. For those of you who are interested, Deal Seeking Mom always has some great ones!! I even WON one today!! A coupon to Old Navy that was $45 off a $100 purchase! There were over 3000 entries, and I won!! What perfect timing since my 45 days of no shopping is over and my kids are in desperate need of fall clothes.

4. Malakai starts pre-K on Thursday! He is so excited,as am I for him. I'm not sure how the whole uniform is going to be, since like Jackson, he has NEVER worn a shirt tucked in!! Surely they will be a little lenient on the four-year olds!

5. Along with this new school comes the 12 inch pile of papers for Josh and I to fill out and read. I'm a little overwhelmed!! PTO, Mother's Club, Fundraisers, Dinner Auctions, etc. It is NEVER ending!!

6. I'm going back to school! That's right ladies and gentleman...back...to...school! My work is going to pay for me and I will be getting a second Masters, this time in Health Care Management. All it is going to cost me is one night a week for a year. I really have nothing to lose, and Josh is SO supportive. I truly am blessed.

7. I received my first true order of pictures from Nicole over at Spirits Breeze Photography, and OMG! they are gorgeous! When people say professional pictures are a true investment, they are SO right! These are portraits that out do ANY ones I could get at a studio!! I'm so excited to get them framed and up on the walls. PERFECTION!!

8. I have officially picked out and ordered our Halloween costumes for this year! I am sad to say, however, Leila's is not one that was on the past TonT. All of those were very expensive, and I just couldn't justify it for her to wear one time. SO...we are going to be a family of Pirates, and here is what they look like :)

Malakai (all he cared about was having a sword!)

Josh, Malakai picked this one :)

Me, again, Malakai's pick

Leila Jane, she also has a head rag and eye piece :)

9. Halloween is on a Saturday this we, and honestly, we have no plans other than trick-or-treating. Kind of lame, but hey, at least we will look good :) Someone needs to have a party!!

10. A special shout out to my girl Danielle! All of her hard work has paid off and she was finally awarded her very own, first grade classroom this year!! Way to go Danielle! Any parent will be extremely lucky to have you as their child's teacher! I know you will rock it!!



Sarah McK said...

Um, I LOVE Leila's pirate costume! You got me on a Halloween costume finding kick with your Halloween T on T and Cal now has an adorable rhino costume courtesy of his grandparents. You could always take the kids out to Grant's Farm where I hear there are Halloween festivities galore, or to Historic St Charles where I hear they deck out all of the stores and kids trick-or-treat from storefront to storefront all day.

Katie Thomson said...

Ooohh..I LOVE the costumes!! That will be so cute! You definitely need somewhere to go all dressed up! Cutest!

Claire said...

Cute family costume idea! You are so creative!!!

As far as cameras, I think for a beginner the Canon Digital Rebel is a good buy. It is very simple to use, even has a full Auto setting, and you can buy interchangeable lenses down the road if you want to. You can find really great deals online that should keep you well under your price limit!

Our wild ride said...

You know I am a canon gal! Did u get the links I sent?

Love the costumes and again TY so much for the extra shout out on the photos! I love you!