Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ten on Tues...I mean Thursday ;)

1. I'm notorious for missing TonT every now and then. However, I never miss two weeks in a row. So here it is, better late than never. No matter how little I really have to say.

2. I cried like a baby tonight watching the Patrick Swayze tribute on Dancing with the Stars. What a great man and actor. I told Josh we need to have a movie night in his honor and watch Dirty Dancing, Road House, and Ghost. Three fabulous movies!! He quickly reminded me that we have a hard enough time fitting ONE movie in, so it may take us awhile. Is it weird that I felt so much more sadness for Patrick than Michael Jackson. I'm not sure why. I like Michael Jackson's music and a lot of it occupies space on my ipod, I just didn't have that same sadness watching his tributes as I did with this 3 minute clip of dancing. Strange...

3. I stole this cute little video idea from Colleen :) Thank you!!

4. Josh and I are going on a cruise!! It's not till May, for our 5 year wedding anniversary, but it gives us something to look forward to during the miserable winter!

5. I set dates for my garage sale!! October 7th and 10th. Those of you interested, hit me up for the address (since it's not at my crib).

6. My mom and I took Malakai, Leila, and my nieces to a Historical Festival at Faust Park over the weekend. They had a great time making rope, washing their hands the old fashioned way, making pegs that used to be used to build log homes, and making corn juice. After checking out all the exhibits, we wrapped the day up with snow cones and a little playground time. It was a beautiful day, and great cousin bonding time.

7. Malakai has never really been much of a gamer. Don't get me wrong, he has a Nintendo DS and enjoys playing it, he just has never had that obsession for video games. Until now! He found my old Game Cube and we realized that the games would play in the Wii and he is not OBSESSED with Luigi's Mansion! To the point where he asks to play it as soon as he wakes up in the morning (no video games before school, it would just be a battle when it's time to leave) and as soon as he gets home from school. The thing is, I HATE that game! Why couldn't he love Pacman World on PS2? That is my ALL TIME favorite video game ;) It brings me back to the Summer of 2001 when I spent two months with Josh while I was on break at ASU. He worked all the time, so he bought me that game to pass the time. Also the same summer Colleen got engaged! It's funny how certain things strike up memories as if it were yesterday!

8. You might remember back when we first got Bella, we found out she had a heart condition. It has never had a noticeable affect on her until the other day. She got up to greet Josh and stood there like she was tipsy and then preceded to pass out! Only for a few seconds, but it was scary!! I hope this isn't a sign!

9. I'm trying to write this while watching the season premier of Grey's and I am totally distracted! Is anyone else as excited for new TV as I am?!

10. My little sister auditioned for Oliver! and got cast as an orphan/Londoner!! I am so proud of her for getting up on stage and belting out the Star Spangled Banner!! I will be sure to get everyone local details as they become available.



Colleen said...

I love that you remember what video game you were into when I gt engaged!
I was on the 1604 in San Antonio when you told me you were pregnant! I almost drove off the road, JUST KIDDING!
I love the pic you chose for Leila's mummy character in your dance, it is PERFECT!
I think I talked to her last night, she called me around 5 my time! XOXO

Katie Thomson said...

YAY for a cruise! Where are you guys going? You guys will have a blast!

K to the M said...

LOL! I SO did not want to tell you yet because I didn't want to steal your thunder! But...I couldn't NOT tell you! So funny! Did Leila have anything interesting to say? She is obsessed with my phone!!

Kate, we are leaving from Miami and doin a 7 night Western Caribbean!! We haven't been on a Cruise together since before we were even dating!! Hoping its a good time :)

Colleen said...

Steal my thunder, you still gave birth to your baby before me dumb beyatch! I wanted that baby out of me sooooooooooo bad! I love it, it was the greatest time in my life, how fun to be preggo with your very best friend!