Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's Apple Picking Time!!

With our weekends being SO crazy...we didn't have very many options on when we could go Apple Picking this year. The season is such a short window!! So we had on our calendars that we would be going this morning, before Josh had to be at work at noon. What do we wake up to?! RAIN!! As Josh and I are lying in bed, pondering the idea if we should still go or not, here comes Malakai. He woke up, came straight to our room and says, half asleep, "I'm SO excited to go apple picking today!!" Neither one of us could tell that sweet, little, face that we weren't going because of a little rain. I was a little disappointed because I had such cute outfits for them to wear, however, since it rained all night, I wasn't taking the chance of them getting ruined, so we just threw on some clothes (including Malakai's boots, which I NEVER let him wear) not worrying about appearance :)
So, we loaded up and headed to Eckerts. It rained the whole 30 minute drive there! The second we pulled in to the parking lot, it stopped!! It was starting to look pretty good. Here we are standing in line waiting to catch the tractor that takes us to the orchard :)

We load up on the tractor, and here...comes...the...rain!! Just a small drizzle, nothing we can't handle. I'm more annoyed that I have to put my camera away because I don't want it getting wet!! Once we get to the orchard, the kids take off! We were picking mostly Jonathon and Red Delicious. As you can see, Leila was focusing on Jonathon, and Malakai Red Delicious :)

By the time we were waiting for the tractor to head back, it was POURING, and it was COLD!! All four of us were completely drenched. Malakai and Leila were shivering, but we were all laughing the whole time. After paying for our apples, we ran to the car and stripped them to their diaper and underwear!! They were sharing a nice, warm, blanket...


Leila realized her apple was MUCH more important!

All in all, it was another successful Miller Family Adventure!!


Best thing since I last blogged: Josh and I had date night last night! We had a great dinner and went as watched "The Time Traveler's Wife" It was good, but not NEAR as good as the book!!
Worst thing since I last blogged: I just blogged yesterday, I can't think of anything terrible that has happened since then...except maybe I haven't figured out how to magically get my laundry to complete itself :)

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the swope family said...

Family outings with a "mother nature" twist are the best! Fun stories for years to come!

Love the pic of Leila in her seat with her apple!!