Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tag...Your it!

Thank you Colleen and Katie for allowing me to participate in the Tag game :) Here's what you gotta do. Take the your 7th picture folder on your computer, go to the 7th picture in that folder, post it, and explain about it. I kind of cheated and used my shutterfly folders since I don't even have 7 folders on my laptop yet :)

Pretty self-explanatory. This is Malakai at 11 weeks. He loved this Einstein mat! I even bought Leila a new (different) Einstein mat since this one had been used by Kiera AND Malakai, but she wouldn't even touch the new one. She only wanted this one! He could lay there for HOURS and entertain himself. Oh, how I cherish the days before they are mobile!! I don't, however, miss the days of never being able to take off that darn bib! That kid could SPIT UP!

I tag: Nicole, Annaka, Sarah, Danielle, Rebecca, Lisa, Autumn, and Heather! Happy Tagging!



Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love is in the air...

I apologize ahead of time if this blog is terribly long. I just want to get the past weeks events all in one blog.

I promised some pictures of soccer, and while I remembered my camera this week, I couldn't get a decent picture for the life of me! Here are a few shots of what I did get...

Everyone in the house has seemed to get bits and pieces of the nasty virus that we have been seeing a TON of at work. I think Josh got the worst of it, however, Leila got the fever and Malakai got the random throwing up. Everyone seems to be getting better though...thank the Lord!

Josh took Bella to the Vet to get the rest of her puppy shots, and we got some not very good news. She has a level three heart murmur. Basically they rate these things on a scale from 1 thru 6 with 6 being the worst. The vet told us to cut our losses and return her to the breeder. Have you met us?! We spent a small fortune on Oscar when he needed back surgery! Even though we have only had Bella for a month, she is a part of our family. We called the breeder and they were SO nice. They offered to have their vet check her also which we welcomed the second opinion and he said the same thing. Level three heart murmur. The thing with these things is you just never know what can happen. She can live a week or she can live 10 years. The breeder gave us a couple options, one of which was trading her right then for another female that still had from Bella's liter. We thought about it and we decided to keep Bella. Let her live out her life in a loving home. The breeder has also guaranteed us another puppy out of a future liter. The hardest part was explaining everything to Malakai. I'm not sure if he still really gets it, but he is old enough we had to tell him something. So, Bella will be remaining in the Miller house, hopefully for many years :)

Josh and I had an AMAZING Valentines Day. We have never been the ones to make a big deal about the holiday, we usually just do dinner. However, we had the opportunity to get a room at The Chase Park Plaza and we couldn't pass it up! We ended up doing dinner there at the Tenderloin Room and it was TO DIE FOR! Definitely required some extra cardio!! We had a great time and Malakai and Leila had a wonderful time with Grandma. She stayed the night and followed all the directions that were left for her :) They kind of had a tradition of getting a heart shaped pizza and watching movies every Valentines Day. It's SO cute!

Valentines Day always gets me thinking about love. There are so many meanings to "love". The meaning of love differs, I think, according to your circumstances. If you are a teenager, love is sometimes a challenge. For a girl, it can mean endless hours by the phone, waiting for "him" to call. Passed notes in class, "Do you like so-and-so? Check yes or no." Butterflies in your stomach every time you see that special person in the hall at school, and giggles with friends when he smiles at you. When you become an adult, love is most of those things, with a little maturity thrown in. Not so much giggling, a little more worrying about IF he is going to call, and finally, when you feel a little more confident, thoughts of the future. For a mom, love can mean lots of things. Baby toes and fingers, little smiles and gurgly happy sounds when you come into the nursery in the morning (or the middle of the night). Kissing owies, and comforting a sad or disappointed little one. Big hugs, big tantrums, and big fun just being silly sometimes. A walk on the beach, a trip to the park, or sitting in the stands cheering your big kid on as he hits a home run, or makes a goal, or a basket...or not. Picking up dirty clothes, getting backpacks ready, making lunches, and soapy baths before school. All of these things and many more go into mommy love. For a child, love is seeing your mom or dad in the morning, knowing that they are always there for you, and feeling secure. Knowing that your parents will always be on your side, and that they love you more than the world. Pillow fights and pajama parties with friends, and fighting with little brothers or sisters, making cookies, and watching movies or playing games on a "family night". Showing off your work at Back to School Night, seeing proud smiles on your parents' faces when you are singing in the school program, and kisses goodnight. When you get a little older, love is comfortable. Knowing what your spouse is going to say even before he says it, having him bring your favorite latte as a surprise, and fill your gas tank or wash your car without you asking him to. Love is many things to many people, and what it is to you depends on what you make it. Love is my family...Love is my friends...Love is Josh...and more than anything, Love is what I feel for these two every second, of every minute, of every, single, day!

I'll close this post with a few pics like always :) I hope everyone had a great week!


Best thing since I last blogged: Hitting the 4 mile mark in my training

Worst thing since I last blogged: Finding out about Bellalicious

Monday, February 9, 2009

Six More Weeks of Winter??!!

Regardless of if the groundhog saw his shadow or not (he always does) we were blessed with a BEAUTIFUL weekend here in the Lou. This Miller Family took full advantage and spent A LOT of time outside!

Malakai started his indoor soccer league on Friday and it was VERY entertaining! I am happy to report that his athletic potential comes out full force in soccer, I guess hockey just wasn't his calling. Not to say we won't re-visit it in the coming years, but for now it has been put on the back burner :) This is an instructional league and they spend the first 25 minutes with their coach doing drills and learning about soccer, then they play a 25 minute game. Once we got him and Landon to STAY on their correct side of the field, it went pretty well. During the instruction period every child had their own ball and Malakai did a great job following his coach and participating in the drills. Then came game time! OMG! Once the game started, he begins running after the ball, SCREAMING and CRYING "MY BALL!" He thought that everyone was trying to take his ball from him!! Josh had to pull him off the field and explain to him that the "game" of soccer is only played with one ball and he needs to get it and kick it in his teams goal. This seemed to satisfy him for now. Let's just hope we don't go through the whole thing again next week! He ended up with HUGE blisters on his feet from his rubbing chin guards, but other than that, it was pretty successful. I have to thank the Lord that he has been blessed with his Daddy's speed and NOT his mommy's!!

I can't believe I forgot to put the camera in my bag so I have not one picture of it! I promise to have some for you next week :)

We went to the park on Saturday and Malakai got to ride his bike on the trail and play on the playground. I pulled Leila in the wagon and she loved every second of it! She is such a "chill" baby and it makes it so easy for me. Especially when daddy works all weekend! It was REALLY muddy because of all the melted snow, but we didn't care! We were just glad to be able to spend some time outside!

Sunday we had a Mardi Gras BBQ at my mom's house. Complete with masks for the kids AND adults and some pretty cool beads. Uncle David tried stealing Malakai's because he said he could get a real show for them at the HUGE Mardi Gras parade here in St. Louis. To be determined if I am attending this celebration. Depends on the weather I guess. Malakai asked me if he could go to the parade. I finally just told him it was an adult parade with alcohol. That seemed to work. What was I supposed to say? "No sweetie, you can't go because girls get really drunk and show their boobies so guys like your Uncle David will give them really cool beads!" I don't think so! I think I'll just stick with the "adult parade!" Again, no pictures! Ugh! I was really bad this weekend with the camera.

Here are some pics that I did manage to take. Leila has taken a few steps by herself which is very exciting!! I also just found out that the Catholic School that we plan on sending Malakai to for Kindergarten is going to have a pre-school next year for a fraction of the price as Goddard! As much as I love Goddard, this is VERY tempting. Especially since he can do pre-K there and go directly to Kindergarten. Decisions! Decisions!



Best thing since I last blogged: We booked a Chicago weekend AND a Bennett Springs weekend! Whoo Hoo! Something to look forward to :)

Worst thing since I last blogged: Leakage under the kitchen seeped down into the finished basement! Not fun, but Josh got it under control and fixed before there was any major damage!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow Angels

As many of you know, we FINALLY got our first decent snow of the season! There is just something I love about knowing a big storm is coming. Granted, they (the news) tell us they are coming more often then they actually do, but still, it's exciting. People get sent home from work early to prepare, the kids (and teachers) are crossing fingers for school to close, everyone is rushing to the store to stock up on the necessities in case they can't leave their house for a few days. It's just a very exciting time!

We knew Monday night that we needed to go into "snow schedule" for the next day. Goddard was still open on Tuesday so Kai went ahead and went to school. Our nannies live in areas that are not very easy to get out of in the ice, so Josh dropped Leila off at my moms so she could have some quality Grandma time. I ended up only working a half day because it wasn't letting up at all, which is a good thing since Goddard ended up closing! It continued to snow all Tuesday night and it was absolutely gorgeous! We let Kai walk the street after we put Leila to bed and it was so beautiful and peaceful. Good thing daddy was off on Wednesday because EVERYTHING was closed. Except my office! It took me an hour to clear off my car and another hour to get to work when it is normally a 15 minute drive! So, Malakai and Josh got some good quality time in the snow on Wednesday. Good times had by all :) Even Bella!

Josh and I had date night last night with Autumn and Jimmy. I think they can officially be referred to as our Sushi Buddies! We all absolutely love sushi, and we seem to never get it until we finally get together and say, "okay, it's been forever, we need a sushi night!" We went to what has become our favorite place Nippon Tei in Ballwin. If you have never been there and you are a fan of Sushi, you definitely need to try it. The atmosphere is very intimate and the service is always great. Sometimes it can take a while to get your food, but it is definitely worth the wait!!
We then headed down to the Chase Park Plaza Hotel which has a great bar/lounge that Josh and I really like. However, last night it was CRAZY busy and my social anxiety was in full blast. I couldn't even move and it was not good! We enjoyed a couple drinks then headed home for the night. However, we couldn't go home with out stopping at the Queen first! The Queen of Hearts is a local DIVE strip club here in Fenton. There are no words to explain it, Josh and I have a lot of memories involving the Queen, so anytime we have a night out we usually like to finish it off there. That's all I'm going to say about that ;)

Current Obsessions:

Malakai: His batman crocs! They are absolutely hideous (he got them as a gift) and he isn't allowed to wear them out of the house, but they don't leave his feet when he is home. He even wears them to bed.

Josh: Facebook! He loves it!

Leila: The computer! Anytime she sees Malakai on it she thinks she can play to!

Me: Losing weight! OBSESSED!



Best thing since I last blogged: Being able to fit in jeans that I haven't got to in a LONG time!

Worst thing since I last blogged: Potty Training Bella! UGH!