Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow Angels

As many of you know, we FINALLY got our first decent snow of the season! There is just something I love about knowing a big storm is coming. Granted, they (the news) tell us they are coming more often then they actually do, but still, it's exciting. People get sent home from work early to prepare, the kids (and teachers) are crossing fingers for school to close, everyone is rushing to the store to stock up on the necessities in case they can't leave their house for a few days. It's just a very exciting time!

We knew Monday night that we needed to go into "snow schedule" for the next day. Goddard was still open on Tuesday so Kai went ahead and went to school. Our nannies live in areas that are not very easy to get out of in the ice, so Josh dropped Leila off at my moms so she could have some quality Grandma time. I ended up only working a half day because it wasn't letting up at all, which is a good thing since Goddard ended up closing! It continued to snow all Tuesday night and it was absolutely gorgeous! We let Kai walk the street after we put Leila to bed and it was so beautiful and peaceful. Good thing daddy was off on Wednesday because EVERYTHING was closed. Except my office! It took me an hour to clear off my car and another hour to get to work when it is normally a 15 minute drive! So, Malakai and Josh got some good quality time in the snow on Wednesday. Good times had by all :) Even Bella!

Josh and I had date night last night with Autumn and Jimmy. I think they can officially be referred to as our Sushi Buddies! We all absolutely love sushi, and we seem to never get it until we finally get together and say, "okay, it's been forever, we need a sushi night!" We went to what has become our favorite place Nippon Tei in Ballwin. If you have never been there and you are a fan of Sushi, you definitely need to try it. The atmosphere is very intimate and the service is always great. Sometimes it can take a while to get your food, but it is definitely worth the wait!!
We then headed down to the Chase Park Plaza Hotel which has a great bar/lounge that Josh and I really like. However, last night it was CRAZY busy and my social anxiety was in full blast. I couldn't even move and it was not good! We enjoyed a couple drinks then headed home for the night. However, we couldn't go home with out stopping at the Queen first! The Queen of Hearts is a local DIVE strip club here in Fenton. There are no words to explain it, Josh and I have a lot of memories involving the Queen, so anytime we have a night out we usually like to finish it off there. That's all I'm going to say about that ;)

Current Obsessions:

Malakai: His batman crocs! They are absolutely hideous (he got them as a gift) and he isn't allowed to wear them out of the house, but they don't leave his feet when he is home. He even wears them to bed.

Josh: Facebook! He loves it!

Leila: The computer! Anytime she sees Malakai on it she thinks she can play to!

Me: Losing weight! OBSESSED!



Best thing since I last blogged: Being able to fit in jeans that I haven't got to in a LONG time!

Worst thing since I last blogged: Potty Training Bella! UGH!

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The Gourleys wild ride said...

hot mama!
looking great! You crack me up with Queen. I sure hope they had all of their teeth in ;-) xoxo