Monday, February 9, 2009

Six More Weeks of Winter??!!

Regardless of if the groundhog saw his shadow or not (he always does) we were blessed with a BEAUTIFUL weekend here in the Lou. This Miller Family took full advantage and spent A LOT of time outside!

Malakai started his indoor soccer league on Friday and it was VERY entertaining! I am happy to report that his athletic potential comes out full force in soccer, I guess hockey just wasn't his calling. Not to say we won't re-visit it in the coming years, but for now it has been put on the back burner :) This is an instructional league and they spend the first 25 minutes with their coach doing drills and learning about soccer, then they play a 25 minute game. Once we got him and Landon to STAY on their correct side of the field, it went pretty well. During the instruction period every child had their own ball and Malakai did a great job following his coach and participating in the drills. Then came game time! OMG! Once the game started, he begins running after the ball, SCREAMING and CRYING "MY BALL!" He thought that everyone was trying to take his ball from him!! Josh had to pull him off the field and explain to him that the "game" of soccer is only played with one ball and he needs to get it and kick it in his teams goal. This seemed to satisfy him for now. Let's just hope we don't go through the whole thing again next week! He ended up with HUGE blisters on his feet from his rubbing chin guards, but other than that, it was pretty successful. I have to thank the Lord that he has been blessed with his Daddy's speed and NOT his mommy's!!

I can't believe I forgot to put the camera in my bag so I have not one picture of it! I promise to have some for you next week :)

We went to the park on Saturday and Malakai got to ride his bike on the trail and play on the playground. I pulled Leila in the wagon and she loved every second of it! She is such a "chill" baby and it makes it so easy for me. Especially when daddy works all weekend! It was REALLY muddy because of all the melted snow, but we didn't care! We were just glad to be able to spend some time outside!

Sunday we had a Mardi Gras BBQ at my mom's house. Complete with masks for the kids AND adults and some pretty cool beads. Uncle David tried stealing Malakai's because he said he could get a real show for them at the HUGE Mardi Gras parade here in St. Louis. To be determined if I am attending this celebration. Depends on the weather I guess. Malakai asked me if he could go to the parade. I finally just told him it was an adult parade with alcohol. That seemed to work. What was I supposed to say? "No sweetie, you can't go because girls get really drunk and show their boobies so guys like your Uncle David will give them really cool beads!" I don't think so! I think I'll just stick with the "adult parade!" Again, no pictures! Ugh! I was really bad this weekend with the camera.

Here are some pics that I did manage to take. Leila has taken a few steps by herself which is very exciting!! I also just found out that the Catholic School that we plan on sending Malakai to for Kindergarten is going to have a pre-school next year for a fraction of the price as Goddard! As much as I love Goddard, this is VERY tempting. Especially since he can do pre-K there and go directly to Kindergarten. Decisions! Decisions!



Best thing since I last blogged: We booked a Chicago weekend AND a Bennett Springs weekend! Whoo Hoo! Something to look forward to :)

Worst thing since I last blogged: Leakage under the kitchen seeped down into the finished basement! Not fun, but Josh got it under control and fixed before there was any major damage!


The Gourleys wild ride said...

girl, save that money and get him in that school especially since you want him there anyway!! we know how challenging THAT can be!

I love this weather! Not to hot, not to cool, just right! ;-)

You are looking great girl! so proud of you for stickin' with it.

K to the M said...

I'm SO going to if I can get him in! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

You are too sweet! Thank you! My mouth starts salivating when I think about Valentine Dinner! I'm not holding back gal! I'm chowing down!! LOL!

Colleen said...

Pat will be so happy about Malakai and soccer because he desperately wants Jackson and Tyler to play, but I just cannot bring myself to sign him up because it is such a boring sport to watch. I mean, right now it sounds fun with the whole ball chasing drama, but when they get older, BORING! Take some pictures next week so I can show Pat, and it will fulfill some inner desire!!!