Monday, August 25, 2014

We Survived!!!

The first week of school!  Barely!  These kids were absolutely exhausted!  I realize it sounds so cliche, but I can not believe we have a first and fourth grader!  I am blown away sometimes when I look at Malakai and think "When did he get so big?"  I have adult-like conversations with him!  I tried to carry him up the stairs the other night and almost broke my back!  Both of them are SO tall and skinny, they definitely get their height from the Rader side.  Little Ni Ni is the small one....such a sweet thing.


We started the week with the Annual St. Paul Soccer Tournament!  Both kids played great!  I didn't get a picture of Malakai due to the fact he played in the POURING RAIN!

Teacher gifts were a success!  I stuck with old faithful!  Easy, quick, and cute (filled with crystal light packets)!

First Day Pics!  I tried to find some older ones to compare!



Here is to another
great week!!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Menu Plan Monday

I would say Menu Plan Monday was a semi-success last week!  There were two nights that were impossible to complete the planned dinner, but we rolled with it.

Some notes on last weeks plan:

 I ended up making this amazing Meatloaf on Sunday.  My dad came to town Sunday evening for work, so it was nice to sit down and have a family meal with him.

I would say the Turkey Nachos were the biggest hit!  I made two pans, one for the kids that just consisted of chips, cheese, turkey, and I added beans.  Josh and I's had chips, cheese, turkey, tomatoes, black olives, and jalapenos.  This was SO easy!

The Green Beans, Chicken & Potatoes was a success also!  Again, SO easy and the kids actually ate it.  I cut way back on the butter!

This week the menu consists of....

Monday:  Josh works late, and seeing as our diets don't like us to eat so late, he is usually on his own, or will take Sunday Leftovers.  I let the kids pick Monday Menu since it is just usually them eating.  I will sit with them but will make myself a salad.

Crescent Cheese Dogs
Shells and Cheese

Tuesday:  Our only evening without an activity!

Bacon Bow Tie Pasta
Garlic Cheese Bread

I am going with the "light" version which uses Turkey Bacon, reduced fat cream cheese, and reduced fat milk.

Wednesday:  Soccer AND Curriculum Night = Crockpot Meal!!

Crockpot BBQ Chicken
Corn on the Cob

We will be shredding and eating as sandwiches.

Thursday:  Gymnastics and Baseball Night!  I plan to have the "Breakfast for Dinner" that I did not get to last week :)

French Toast Bake

Friday:  Too much going on for there to be a plan for Friday!

I hope everyone has a great week!  If you try any of these recipes, please feel free to share your feedback in the comments section!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Menu Plan Monday - Back To School

It is a bitter-sweet time here in the Miller House, as summer winds down and we start a new school year. This means back to schedules, routines, homework, bedtimes, and adjusting to 1st and 4th grade!  Little Ni Ni will be making the move to the 2 year old room at daycare, so lots of  changes around here!

Dinner becomes more and more difficult as evenings are filled with multiple extracurricular activities.  Sticking with Menu Plan Monday's makes it much more likely that we won't be doing (as many) drive-thru grab and go's for dinner.  

The struggle, as I'm sure it is with most families is getting off work (5ish if I'm lucky), picking kids up from after-school care (praying they have finished their homework) and daycare, Josh and I both walking through the door around 6 (on a good day), having a STARVING almost 2 yo that wants to eat the second she walks through the door, and finding something to fix that is quick and "somewhat" healthy.  Those of you that know me know I'm not a huge health nut but I do have some standards :)

I recently read an article at Simple Marriage that speaks of the benefits of eating together as a family.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but as long as you clear away distractions and make time to focus on each other, you can reap some of these benefits...

1.  Eating together helps you connect
2.  Eating together provides an opportunity to practice gratitude
3.  Eating together helps you relax (ummmm, jury is still out on this one)
4.  Eating together encourages mindful eating
5.  Eating together improves nutrition
6.  Eating together is FUN!

Okay, on with this weeks menu!!!

Monday - Josh works late on Monday's so he doesn't get home until kids are in bed...keeping it simple and sticking with old faithful!

Sausage and Rice
*2 boxes Uncle Ben's Chicken Flavor Rice
*1lb ground sausage (we like it a little spicy)
*2 can biscuits

Brown Sausage/drain
Cook Rice as Directed on the box
Mix Sausage and Rice together
Serve in a bowl with biscuits on the side


Green Beans, Chicken & Potatoes - I have never made this before, but it looks super easy and it is all over Pinterest.  I'll let you know how it turns out!

Wednesday - Both kids have soccer practice so we will go straight there from school.  When Josh gets there to relieve me, I will head home to have dinner ready when they get home.

Breakfast for Dinner - French Toast Bake!!!

I love that I can prepare this the night before!

Thursday - Gymnastic Night...have little time to get food in their bellies before it starts!


Garlic Bread