Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ten On Thursday

1. We won!! We won the championship in our dart league!! I have never played darts before in my life when my brother asked me to play in this league with him. Here we are, 20 weeks later, and we are the champions!! Very exciting!!

2. For those of you who were concerned, I cut of Leila’s mullet! The poor girl was getting all this hair on the back of her head and NOTHING on top. I probably cut off two inches! I think it looks much better, but Josh thinks she looks like a boy now. I just told him even more of a reason to make sure she doesn’t leave the house without a bow in her hair!

3. Malakai told me this morning that he wanted a parrot. The funny thing, I actually considered it for a second. Birds are cool. His Aunt Heather has some really cool birds. Do I really need another creature in this house to take care of? I’m not running a zoo here. Although, who doesn’t think it would be cool to have a bird and teach them to cuss?

4. I’ve kind of been pondering the idea of moving to Canada. You never really here a whole lot about it. Some of the promising things about the county include, low crime rate, legalization of certain recreational drugs (disclaimer: not that I have or want to do recreational drugs, but just to have the opportunity to do so, legally, is cool), free healthcare, and they have a great education system. I’m not gonna lie, I too, Colleen, am a little frightened by North Korea.

5. Why am I addicted to Facebook Applications? First it was Farm Town, and now it is Sorority Life. I just don’t get it?! One was hard enough to keep up with, now it’s two!!

6. I recently stated to Colleen, that she looked stunning in her pic on her blog. I will not go back on what I said. I mean it 100%. She is beautiful and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t miss her!

7. I’m hurt! I also realize that I have hurt some people in the last few days. I’m not going to go into details. I just want to put out there that it sucks to be hurt. A lot has happened in my 28 years of life regarding family. I don’t know if I’m a little jaded because of past history, but my husband and my kids will ALWAYS come first…ALWAYS!

8. I’m off tomorrow to the Lake to chill at a lake house with three great girlfriends, no kids, and no schedules. Just sun, boats, jet skis, good books, refreshing cocktails, and girl talk. Thank you so much to my fabulous Aunt Cindi for coming down and helping Josh out while he works. We are so thankful to have you!!

9. This is the first T on T that I have not inserted ANY pictures. I’m sure it’s pretty boring, that’s just how some weeks are J

10. Week two of our twelve week program is almost complete! After Sunday, we will have logged over 30 miles in the past two weeks. I keep waiting for me to start liking to run. It still sucks! I dread it every day, however, it is a good feeling once I’m done. We’ll see how it goes!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...

Thank you to the man I owe EVERYTHING to! Father's Day is a day that has exceptional meaning in my life. It is a day that allows me to reflect on the appreciation and respect that I have for my father. What an amazing man! Those closest to me know the sacrifice that this man made to make my brother and I the people we are today. He is a man of few words. Clearly, that is not one of the traits I inherited, hence being told in every single parent-teacher conference that I talk entirely too much! As I work now to talk less, and listen more

There was never a doubt in my mind growing up that we were number one in your eyes. You showed us this day in and day out. You were by my side in every activity, game, recital, etc. When you and mom got divorced, you had nothing, however, in your eyes, you had everything....your kids. We lived in one bedroom at Grandma and Grandpas and although I couldn't see it as well as I do now, I know it was a daily struggle for you to give us what we needed. When I thought I HAD to have the same, cool and expensive basketball shoes that everyone else on the team had, you found a way to get them for me. When I was looked down upon by other parents because I was being raised by my single father, you found a way to prove to them that you did a better job than most parents raising their kids as a team.

There are a lot of memories that stick in my head from my adolescent/teenage years. You taking me shopping for homecoming dresses, having to deal with the fact that I was becoming a woman, therefore having to deal with "woman" things and hormones....on your own. Trying to understand the weird things that me and my girlfriends would do and not to mention the boyfriends that just never seemed to be good enough in your eyes. There are a few memories though that really stick out. Some might think it is silly and I know I have already shared it with those closest to me, but these are the few that I think about when I feel like I am being selfish in my own daily life. Taco Bell used to have a 49, 59, 69 cent menu. Money was always tight and when we would go, you would have it exactly calculated out how many items we had enough money for. You would let Denny and I place our order and then you would place yours. Never once would you put yourself ahead of us. You ALWAYS had the exact same amount of food as us. Being in your 30's and probably STARVING, it didn't matter. In that one bedroom we shared at Grandma and Grandpa's, there were two twin beds and a cot. Instead of having Denny and I take turns sleeping on the cot, you put yourself in the rotation, even though your legs hung off at the knees. At my 6th grade dance recital, you were the only father back stage. What were you doing back there? Attempting to apply my stage make-up because over your dead body was I going to be the only one out there without bright, rosie cheeks and red lipstick.
Back then, I may not have seemed grateful. But I hope you know, that as I have grown, and started a family myself, I am grateful for you everyday. For your sacrifice and your constant drive to "succeed" in raising us. The fact that you always put us first will never be forgotten. You never dated, you never went out, your sole purpose in life was to provide for us and be there for us during those crucial years in our lives. And for that, I thank you! I thank you for never letting me go to sleep without telling me that you loved me. I thank you for never really falling asleep until you knew I was home safe each night. Last but not least, I thank you for making me set my expectations in a man so high. For teaching me that I didn't have to settle because I knew there was a "perfect" man out there for me to spend the rest of my life with and have as the father of my children because I was raised by a "perfect" man. I found that man dad. He is wonderful, honest, and the most amazing father. Thank you for teaching me that a man like that exists.
Thank you for being you!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

I promised myself that I wasn't going to let my T on T be my only post of the week, and look what happened!! I hope to not let it happen again. I really have no excuse other than I'm reading a really good book and choose to read than be on the computer at night.

1. We had a wonderful time in Branson this past weekend. It started a little rough due to a blown out tire on the highway going 80mph. Thank GOD I wasn't driving!! Josh did a great job getting us pulled off the road. It was the rear, driver side tire and there was NO way I was letting him change it on this busy highway. You always here those horror stories about people getting hit while on the side of the road. It was the first time we ever had to use the Road Side Assistance tied in with our insurance and I don't have a single complaint. They had someone there in 15 minutes and the tire changed in 10. We were back on our way.

2. This is the dog's normal position while Leila is eating. I know they continue to do this because when I'm not looking she gives them food. She even tries to be sneaky about it, the little stinker.

3. My car reached a milestone on the way home from Branson. Boy, can I put miles on a car. It's all those trips to KC that do it :)

4. Josh took Leila to the Magic House for some quality daddy/daughter time while Malakai was up in KC. Here is a picture of her and one of Malakai when he was about the same age there also. I can't believe how quickly time flies. It is crazy!!

5. Speaking of Malakai being in KC, he had a BALL!! I'm not sure he even asked for us one time! Every time I called he didn't want to stop what he was doing to talk to me. I don't know how many times I can thank the Lord that my kids have so many people who adore them! Take a look at the Smilebox's that Tutu made for the remainder of his trip. They are so cute!

Days 3 and 4

6. Malakai is officially a flip-flop wearer!! It only took 4 1/2 years for him to get the concept of walking in flip-flops, but he now does it like a champ!! Yay Malakai!!

7. Josh loves White Castle! I HATE it!! However, I got a recipe from a lady at work for something called Whitie Burgers which are supposed to taste like White Castle Burgers with out the greasy, slimy, onions. They were a big hit with my family, so I thought I would share with you guys.

1lb ground beef or turkey
1 package dry onion soup
1/4 block of Velveeta cheese
1 can cream of mushroom soup

Just brown your meat, mix everything in, simmer, and serve on buns

8. Leila has a new word in her vocabulary...."MINE" I was so careful with Malakai not to use "Mine" in our vocabulary. I obviously have slacked with Leila. Everything Malakai has she tries to take it and says "MINE!"

This is her saying "MINE" and stealing Malakai's fruit snacks!

9. Josh and I have signed up for the first ever MLB All-Star Charity 5K run! We actually started a team! So, anyone interested in running it with us, just click the link and sign-up! When is says to pick a team, select "Skip to my Schu" obviously I picked the name :) The more the merrier!!

10. Last but not least, I love summer reality shows!! It is kind of nice to take a break from my fall dramas and relax with the smut of summer reality. Here are a few that top my list:

So You Think You Can Dance

NYC Prep

Real Housewives of New Jersey


16 and Pregnant

and Long

Those are just a few that earned a Tivo Season Pass :)


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. The kids and I had a fabulous time in KC this weekend! This T on T is going to relate a lot to our short, but sweet weekend :)

2. Malakai stayed the night with Ma Ma and Pa Pa Miller Saturday. He and Pa Pa spent the entire day together on Saturday. They went to the park, the Fire Station, grilled hot dogs, and actually slept outside in a tent!! Josh's Grandpa Miller started the Civil Defense Department in the small town we grew up in, so he is a very well known, and greatly missed figure in the community. Because of this he was given preferred treatment at the station. Malakai is going to be talking about it FOREVER!!

3. Speaking of Malakai, I miss him terribly! Our house is ENTIRELY too quiet!! His sweet smile is contagious so not having it around leaves a little cloud over my head. Of course Leila is enjoying the one-on-one attention and her smile also lights up the room, but she goes to bed at 6:45!!

4. Every time I go to KC, Lisa has Sisterly "tasks" for me to complete. This weekend I had two. First I had to teach Kiera the Hoedown Throwdown! We, or should I say, I, had a blast!! If you don't have girls, your probably not familiar with the popular dance from the recent Hanna Montana Video. It is SO fun!! I told Josh I want to go to an 18 and over Dance Club just so I can show off my Hoedown Throwdown Skills!!

Second task was a little more difficult. They took the training wheels off of her bike and decided they didn't enjoy running along beside her so they declared this my job. It's not so much the running beside her that sucks, its the BENDING OVER while running beside her. Kills my back!! However, we had an hour lesson and my dad informed me that yesterday she was riding like a champ!!

5. Went and looked at the house that Josh wanted to see last week. Thank you everyone for your opinions, I love them!! I seriously could have walked in and turned right back around. It is 200 square feet smaller than what we have, which is not an option! I would never buy an atrium ranch without a finished basement, and I don't care how perfect the neighborhood was, it was WAY over-priced, even for that area!! The bottom line is, I'm not settling. I'm thankful we aren't "stuck"/upside down in our current home, or being forced out, like a lot of unfortunate home owners. I am only moving one time (other than of course, for a relocation)! Whether it be tomorrow or two years from now, I refuse to settle! Which could possible mean building, which I'm fine with.

6. Oh yes it's Ladies Night and I'm Feeling Right!! Holla!! Taking a last minute trip to the Ozarks the end of the month with some of my KC girls!! Kristen, Ange, Missy, Kristin, and whoever else decides to join us, I am SUPER excited! Shout out to Kristen's cousin who is letting us use his house, boats, and jet ski's!! My fabulous Aunt Cindi is heading down to St. louis to help keep the troops in line while Josh has to work. Should be good times had by all :)

7. June 15th starts Josh and I's 12 week training schedule for our half marathon! It is pretty brutal, but I am very excited!!

8. Because I have the date of June 15th in my head, my diet has gone to hell! It's like I know I'm going to be running 12 - 23 miles a week for the next 12 weeks so I can eat anything I want till then. Ugh! It's an awful attitude to have!!

9. Sephora has stopped carrying my favorite brand of make-up...Tony and Tina!! I am devastated. It is almost impossible to find online as well. This is a sad, sad day!

10. Last but not least, since I'm at work, and the computers are down, ONCE AGAIN! Here is a useless fact for you. An office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet. Go figure!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ten on Tuesday...Only it's Thursday

1. Sorry this is late! Still having some computer issues at home. I know, it’s not an excuse. I wasn’t gonna do it at all and was gonna do twenty next week, but I don’t think people want to read twenty things at once.

2. I realized this week that there are certain things that I HAVE to buy EVERY time I walk into a store. What are these items? Cookbooks at the checkout line and sippy cups! I buy a cookbook at the check out line EVERY time! It doesn’t matter if I am running into the store for milk, I will buy a cookbook. The same goes for sippy cups. EVERY TIME I walk into a store I buy sippy cups! I guess it is a fear of running out (or not having one clean)! Is this weird?

3. Last night was the first night in a long time that we were all home as a family by 5:30 and we didn’t have any evening activities, ie. T-ball, softball, darts, little gym, etc. It was so nice! Josh and Malakai grilled up some hot dogs, Leila and I cooked up some sides and we had a really nice dinner and family time.

4. We have had some really crazy summer storms here! Actually the other day we had one during the day, and that night Josh and I noticed that the Umbrella from the furniture on our deck was gone! We looked all over the back and couldn’t find it ANYWHERE. It was dark, so Josh was going to check in the morning. He actually found it back in the woods behind our house and down the way a little bit! Not just stuck in there, but actually WAY in there! That means the wind picked it up out of the table, lifted it OVER our deck and into the woods. WILD!

5. We booked a weekend trip to Branson next weekend. I am pretty excited since I haven’t been there since I was a little girl. So the kids and I are headed to KC this weekend for Kiera’s dance recital, Malakai will stay the whole week, and then my dad, Lisa, Kai, and Kiera will meet us in Branson next weekend. It’s all planned out J

6. I want a new house! Terribly!! I’m sure you guys all get sick of me saying that! Josh and I always have said that we are going to buy a new house summer of 2010. Our house was perfect for us when we built it in 2001 but we have totally out grown it! I’m beginning to think we will NEVER get one. I know it is early, but we just can’t seem to agree on the same things. Who knew that a man would have such opinions! I want big and close to brand new so I will compromise on the area a little bit. He wants one specific area where they won’t be near as big and will be quite a bit older.

For example:

House 1

House 2

House 1 is in Josh’s ideal area. It is about 1500 square feet smaller than House 2. Both these houses are the same price and House 2 is almost brand new! Will we ever come to an agreement or find that perfect place?! We are actually meeting someone to look at House 1 tonight.

7. I’m having a little trouble with Malakai and his Gender Stereotyping. I’m not sure if this is something I should be concerned with or if it is normal and I should just ignore it. It is all about him and daddy and then Leila and mommy. The boys grill, girls don’t. Boys race and girls watch. Everything is boys do it and girls don’t. Any suggestions?

8. I also need to give a shout out to Kate and Mrs. Kerwin! Thank you for the getting met the amazing Old Navy coupon this week. I got some great stuff for an even better price! THANK YOU!!

9. I am obsessed with this Lily Allen song! It is awful and there aren't many moments that I can listen to it, other than on my ipod when I'm running. I just love it!

10. Here is to a week of being a parent of only one child! What the heck am I going to do with myself? I sure will miss the little booger!!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Fun!

We have had some great weather here....when it isn't raining! Summer humidity hasn't fully set in, so we have been outside every chance we get! Just wanted to share some pics of the kids playing outside. Why is it that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a decent picture of Malakai and Leila together?! I thought that since Malakai is a little older, it would be easy to get him to work around her. What was I thinking?! I'm not sure which one is more difficult!

Malakai had his first sleep-over at my mom's Saturday night. He did really well and says he had a fabulous time. He is looking forward to seeing Ma Ma and Pa Pa next weekend and spending the week with Papi and Tutu!

Ok, I can't get the video of Malakai to upload, so that will have to come later :)