Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ten on Tuesday...Only it's Thursday

1. Sorry this is late! Still having some computer issues at home. I know, it’s not an excuse. I wasn’t gonna do it at all and was gonna do twenty next week, but I don’t think people want to read twenty things at once.

2. I realized this week that there are certain things that I HAVE to buy EVERY time I walk into a store. What are these items? Cookbooks at the checkout line and sippy cups! I buy a cookbook at the check out line EVERY time! It doesn’t matter if I am running into the store for milk, I will buy a cookbook. The same goes for sippy cups. EVERY TIME I walk into a store I buy sippy cups! I guess it is a fear of running out (or not having one clean)! Is this weird?

3. Last night was the first night in a long time that we were all home as a family by 5:30 and we didn’t have any evening activities, ie. T-ball, softball, darts, little gym, etc. It was so nice! Josh and Malakai grilled up some hot dogs, Leila and I cooked up some sides and we had a really nice dinner and family time.

4. We have had some really crazy summer storms here! Actually the other day we had one during the day, and that night Josh and I noticed that the Umbrella from the furniture on our deck was gone! We looked all over the back and couldn’t find it ANYWHERE. It was dark, so Josh was going to check in the morning. He actually found it back in the woods behind our house and down the way a little bit! Not just stuck in there, but actually WAY in there! That means the wind picked it up out of the table, lifted it OVER our deck and into the woods. WILD!

5. We booked a weekend trip to Branson next weekend. I am pretty excited since I haven’t been there since I was a little girl. So the kids and I are headed to KC this weekend for Kiera’s dance recital, Malakai will stay the whole week, and then my dad, Lisa, Kai, and Kiera will meet us in Branson next weekend. It’s all planned out J

6. I want a new house! Terribly!! I’m sure you guys all get sick of me saying that! Josh and I always have said that we are going to buy a new house summer of 2010. Our house was perfect for us when we built it in 2001 but we have totally out grown it! I’m beginning to think we will NEVER get one. I know it is early, but we just can’t seem to agree on the same things. Who knew that a man would have such opinions! I want big and close to brand new so I will compromise on the area a little bit. He wants one specific area where they won’t be near as big and will be quite a bit older.

For example:

House 1

House 2

House 1 is in Josh’s ideal area. It is about 1500 square feet smaller than House 2. Both these houses are the same price and House 2 is almost brand new! Will we ever come to an agreement or find that perfect place?! We are actually meeting someone to look at House 1 tonight.

7. I’m having a little trouble with Malakai and his Gender Stereotyping. I’m not sure if this is something I should be concerned with or if it is normal and I should just ignore it. It is all about him and daddy and then Leila and mommy. The boys grill, girls don’t. Boys race and girls watch. Everything is boys do it and girls don’t. Any suggestions?

8. I also need to give a shout out to Kate and Mrs. Kerwin! Thank you for the getting met the amazing Old Navy coupon this week. I got some great stuff for an even better price! THANK YOU!!

9. I am obsessed with this Lily Allen song! It is awful and there aren't many moments that I can listen to it, other than on my ipod when I'm running. I just love it!

10. Here is to a week of being a parent of only one child! What the heck am I going to do with myself? I sure will miss the little booger!!



Colleen said...

I am sooooooooooooo sorry, but I am totally with Josh on the location! Location is the most important thing to me when buying a house, ABSOLUTELY HANDS DOWN! You really don't need an additional 1500 sqaure feet anyway, think about it, that is 1500 more square feet to CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Think Anthem and Maricopa, then I am sure you will COMPLETELY understand what I am trying to say!

K to the M said...

I knew you would say that!! In my defense...these are not as far as Anthem and Maricopa :) Let's compare them like Scottsdale and Gilbert....both suberbs (sp) of Phoenix, one a little further from the city than the other, but pretty different from each other. Does that make sense? School Districts don't really matter since we are sending them to private....hmmmmm!

I don't clean my tiny house now!! LOL!

Colleen said...

NOPE, even when you explain it as Gilbert and Scottsdale, I am still on Josh's side! You guys should rent a house in the neighborhood that Josh wants to live in, and I BET YOU WOULD BE SOLD! That's what happened to Pat!

I am a neighborhood SNOB!

Love and miss you terribly!

K to the M said...

LOL! I need to write this down as the one time in history you take someone's side over mine!! Ha Ha!

Went and looked...definitely not for us, it is actually smaller than what he have right now. Back the the drawing board. We both decided that we aren't going to settle and the perfect house is out there somewhere. My current house isn't "awful" so we will just play the game :)


K to the M said...

PS. That's one of the many reasons I love you...your such a SNOB!!

Colleen said...

I am happy you are happy to hear my opinions, even if they are not the same as your own!!!! :-P

It's funny, I am sitting here analyzing whether or not I am a snob, and really, I laugh. There are VERY few things I am snobbish about: sunglasses, some purses, and neighborhoods! Don't really care what the house looks like in the neighborhood, and I really don't care what clothes someone wears with their sunglasses/purse, isn't that funny?

I guess I am a school snob too!

The important things in life!

K to the M said...

Ohhh, I need to analyze what I'm a snot about...hmmmm. I'll get back to you :)

What would you say?

Relizra said...

Since I'm a resident of Maricopa, I have to give my opinion on this. I love my house!!!! I wouldn't change it for anything in the world, except maybe a free house somewhere else. I also love my location. Who wouldn't love being able to look out their backyard and see a beautiful park with a lake that I'm sure Alex will love to spend many afternoons once he's older. I don't mind being so far away, because I love my house. We contemplated buying a house that we weren't that happy with for an area that we preferred, but decided that since the house is something that we have to live in day in and day out that it's more important to love the house and be OK with the location. Is this a house that you're planning on being in for more than five years?

K to the M said...

Rebecca, you and Colleen are definitely on two different sides of the spectrum. One wants to be right in the city, primo, city neighborhood and the other is in the far suburb. I guess I lye right in the middle. I think the park and lake are the midwest girl coming out in you :)

Like I said, one day we will find the one that fits our family perfect :) Till then you all can just listen to me complain!

Colleen said...

Hmmm, I will have to think about what you are a snob about!

Complain away MY FRIEND, I don't think I have used my blog for anything other than that in the past 6 months!

Rebecca-nothing personal, I lived in Anthem and hated it! To each their own! Now a days, we just drive out to Anthem to enjoy their luxurious amenities, HA! That's kind of backwards, RIGHT?

Relizra said...

Probably is the midwest girl in me. I wouldn't come back to MO to have more of it though. I hate the cold far worst than I hate the heat. I've never been to Anthem, but then again I hadn't been to Phoenix before I moved her nor had I been to Maricopa. What amenities do they have?? I'm completely curious.

Colleen said...

Oh, they have the most amazing community center, SUPER PARK, fishing pond, ducks, splash pad, etc. It is really, really geared towards families! I am just more of an AJ's, restaurant, wine bar, martini loving person, so Anthem didn't cut it for me! Right now I am EXACTLY where I want to be!

The Gourleys wild ride said...

Location-Location-Location!!!! I actually like the house Josh picked. I remember looking at a 3000 plus sq ft house and thinking to myself- this is way more house then we need. I feel you- we are busting at the seams, I would like about 500 more sq ft...which would give me a nice master bath, and a play room for the boys on the main level---I HATE basements! I always wonder wth people do in their huge homes.....they are probably never home and if they are - are they in seperate areas? ;-) xoxo