Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Fun!

We have had some great weather here....when it isn't raining! Summer humidity hasn't fully set in, so we have been outside every chance we get! Just wanted to share some pics of the kids playing outside. Why is it that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a decent picture of Malakai and Leila together?! I thought that since Malakai is a little older, it would be easy to get him to work around her. What was I thinking?! I'm not sure which one is more difficult!

Malakai had his first sleep-over at my mom's Saturday night. He did really well and says he had a fabulous time. He is looking forward to seeing Ma Ma and Pa Pa next weekend and spending the week with Papi and Tutu!

Ok, I can't get the video of Malakai to upload, so that will have to come later :)


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