Monday, January 25, 2010


I have succeeded in completing my first few hairbows for Leila this weekend!! I dragged the kids to Hobby Lobby Saturday night and picked up $25 worth of supplies. This included a glue gun and basically EVERYTHING needed to make a crap load of bows! I didn't really go all out on the ribbon selection, since I wanted to see if this was even something I could remotely do. I think they turned out pretty good. Now I need to focus on smaller ones since her hair always seems to be in a pony or piggies nowadays.

These bows would cost me a minimum of 5 dollars a piece on Etsy....not including shipping. So I almost have my money back :)

I'd have to say the most difficult part was lining those stinking alligator clips...Dang! Hot glue gun burns do not feel very good!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday....where did the week go?

1. We had a fabulous weekend with the Maw Maw and Pa pa Miller this past weekend! A lot of just hanging out and enjoying each other's company.

2. Josh and Bob spent ALL day Saturday and part of Sunday putting together the new swing-set they purchased the kids for Christmas. Here are a few pics of the LONG process. Along with their little helper :)

They got the monkey bars and swing-set added, Josh just has a final few touches to make :)

3. They brought Great Grandma Miller down with them as well!! Little Miss Leila took to her immediately and really enjoyed bringing her her babies, crawling up on her lap, and the occasional back scratch!

4. The kids also had a great time with Maw Maw coloring, reading, and just having some great quality time! We sure do love having them here!!

5. Leila has reached that wonderful stage of toddler-hood where she has started undressing herself when she is down for a nap! Ugh! I totally remember Malakai going through this...I just forget how long it will last! However, as you can tell from most of the pictures, she doesn't have to be in bed to undress herself! She's a less is more kind of gal!

6. Speaking of Leila, she hasn't mentioned her B in almost a week now. She survived the dramatic transition!! Or should I say, I survived the dramatic transition?!

7. Have you seen Bella lately? She's a MOOSE!! Heart seems to be ticking just fine...for now!

8. I started my new position this week! Some of the ladies from the old office and I went out on Friday night to celebrate/mourn. It was a great time had by all!! I love those girls! Take a look at what they chipped in and got me! I'm SO excited and have already used it numerous times!! They know me ALL to well. Josh may be the king of the carpets, but I am now Queen of the hard floors! Ha Ha!

9. Malakai got his mop cut this week. I don't have a recent picture but I will get one up as soon as I can. I seem to be the only one who loves his hair long! Because of this, I always catch a lot of crap once it gets past a certain length. Apparently his teachers have said something about it being in his eyes because once he got it cut he said "Mrs. X will be very happy my hair isn't in my eyes anymore!" Seriously?! Not really sure that is their place, but whatever.

10. Give me a "Whoo Hoo!" if your cheering for Alli on The Bachelor. Jake still hasn't grown on me much, but I really LOVE her!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I plan to get back to more blogging, other than Ten on Tuesday REAL soon!

2. The B's are gone!! For those of you not aware of what a B is, it is what Leila referred to her binkies as. I hadn't really planned to do it this past Sunday, but we misplaced the LAST one we had lingering and what better time than then?! The first night was fine, however, Monday was a NIGHTMARE! She screamed and cried for it from the second I got home from work at 5:30 and continued for about an hour after she went to bed at 6:45!! It broke my heart! And honestly, if I had one to give her, I probably would have. It just seems so sad, this item that she has depended on for her entire life for comfort has just disappeared. I knew it was time though, and tonight was MUCH better! She didn't even ask for it! Whoo Hoo!!

3. I have a new hobby! I had mentioned before how I have really been getting into DIY projects. Hence the ever growing list of inspiring blogs in my blogroll. I have found so much satisfaction in something getting complimented and me being able to say "I made that!" I will have a future post featuring some of my projects! I'm definitely a beginner, but having a lot of fun learning! I hope to buy a sewing machine REAL soon!! I'm not sure where I will find the time, but I always seem to manage somehow :) Along with scrapbooking!

4. Because of 3, I have a new favorite site! It is called You Can Make This! I have started making Leila hair bows and taught myself from an ebook on this site that cost only 7 dollars! How awesome is that!!! Totally worth the investment, considering I was spending a small fortune on Etsy!! I can't wait to dive in some of their other awesome projects!

5. It has been BLISTERY cold here!! We were finally hit with our first official (I say official because it caused a snowday) snow of the season. I was starting to get jealous that Kansas City was getting all the good stuff and we weren't getting ANY! I wasn't quite expecting snow AND below zero temperatures, but we managed. I even got a few pics of the 5 minutes the kids were allowed outside to enjoy it...4 days AFTER it originally snowed :)

6. Speaking of snow, this is the first time we have EVER had to shovel a driveway!! Our previous house was totally maintenance free, which means we never had to shovel and we never had to do yard work. So when Josh woke up at 6:30am after the snow, looked outside and noticed all the other men were already out shoveling their driveways, he hurried out there. Gotta keep up with the Jones'! He informed me that no man wants to be "That Guy!" on the street :)

7. Menu planning has been going exceptionally well! I've enjoyed the cooking and the kids are even starting to warm up to the idea of eating "different" foods! I can totally see the savings it is giving us. I even made a special trip to a grocery store I don't normally use, but they were running a 10 for $10 sale that you could mix and match with. There happened to be stuff that we use quite a bit. Take a look at all the stuff I got for...wait for it...30 dollars!! Hello!! Not pictured, a case of water :)

8. I am SO loving this season of The Bachelor! I don't really think Jake is the guy he tries to portray, considering he gave the special rose to the first girl that stuck her tongue down his throat, however, these girls are VERY entertaining! Plus I laugh out loud as Josh watches and continuously is saying "Vienna Sausage, just GO HOME!"

9. I received my checks from the Baby Einstein recall! Guess what I'm treating myself to?! The Wii Fit!! I really want The Biggest Loser AND the Jillian Michaels game! Even though I will continue my running since we are doing the St. Louis Half Marathon, I want something fun that will give me something different than just running, without going to the gym. Anyone have any views on either of these?

10. My feet stink! This problem has seemed to come and go through out my life. I'm not gonna lie, they can get funky! Does anyone have any suggestions for this as well? I can't even wear my uggs without Josh making me wash my feet before I get into bed. This is not very fun for me!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ten on Tuesday!

1. We have yet to celebrate Christmas with our KC family :( Due to crazy work schedules and darn Missouri weather, it just has not been possible. Right now we are looking at making it up there the first of Feb. Better late than never!

2. However, the in-laws are coming in town next weekend and we are very excited! They sent the kids this AMAZING play-set for their new back yard and Barb and I get to sip some wine and sit back and laugh at Bob and Josh as they try to put it together :) The kids love spending quality time with their Maw Maw and Pa Pa!

3. Our good friends, The Meyers had a fabulous New Years party! It was filled with great adult cocktails, fabulous conversation, and plenty to keep the kiddos entertained. We actually did our midnight countdown at 9pm with all the kids. They were so cute and excited to ring in the new year. This put us home in time to put them to bed and relax on the couch to watch the REAL countdown. Good times had by all!

4. New Years Day was one of the few days that we have had to spend as a family in A LONG time!! We stayed in our pjs and played all morning, headed to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch, did some furniture shopping, and just enjoyed our time together. Oh how I dream of the days that Josh will have normal hours and be home on the weekends :)

5. As many have noticed, and also pointed out. Santa DID NOT take Leila's B's (binkies) when he visited our house on Christmas Eve. He had full intentions, but thanks to Colleen, who game me his email address, I sent him a message filling him in on the situation. Malakai (knock on wood) has NEVER had a diaper rash...EVER. And, neither has Leila...until the week of Christmas!! She had some massive poop for like a week straight (no other symptoms) which in turn made her bottom one, huge, red, hot mess. We couldn't change her without her crying and yelling "Blow! Blow!" It was so sad. Anyway, through this time, her B was her only sense of comfort and there was no way I was, I mean Santa, was going to take it. Soooooo, Santa emailed me back and said he would alert the binky fairy, have her get in contact with me, and set up a good time for her to come visit :)

6. Our family pictures came!! Thank you so much to Terri at Life Reflections! The have made a fabulous addition to our new fireplace!! I haven't had a chance to take a great pic, but this gives you an idea :) They are beautiful!!

7. My first week of menu planning is half way over! I spent TWO hours on Saturday night trying to plan for the week! Surely it gets easier...right? I have to say it has been nice coming home from work, knowing what is for dinner, fixing it, and having great left-overs for lunch the next day!

8. Josh and I have been asked to play on a co-ed volleyball team with some friends! Bring it! I can't wait for a little friendly competition! Should be a lot of fun with a lot of great people!

9. This is the first time that we have experienced a "Christmas Break" with Malakai as far as school goes! OMG! When it came time to go back this past Monday...he was NOT excited!! He had so much fun hanging with mommy and daddy, going to holiday camp at the rec center, and terrorizing Sara and Carrie, that the last thing on his mind was going back to school. gets easier...right?!

10. Last but not least...thank you for the additional prayers for my favorite nephew Alex! He was placed back in to the hospital this week and gave us all a scare. I can't imagine how my brother and Rebecca are feeling as they have gone through this emotional roller-coaster with him. I just wish we were all closer to each other so we could give them the support they deserve to have from us. Thank you to Colleen and Patrick for for being my eyes and heart out there! He is home now, it seems to be nothing too serious, and we all plan for a full recovery!