Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday....where did the week go?

1. We had a fabulous weekend with the Maw Maw and Pa pa Miller this past weekend! A lot of just hanging out and enjoying each other's company.

2. Josh and Bob spent ALL day Saturday and part of Sunday putting together the new swing-set they purchased the kids for Christmas. Here are a few pics of the LONG process. Along with their little helper :)

They got the monkey bars and swing-set added, Josh just has a final few touches to make :)

3. They brought Great Grandma Miller down with them as well!! Little Miss Leila took to her immediately and really enjoyed bringing her her babies, crawling up on her lap, and the occasional back scratch!

4. The kids also had a great time with Maw Maw coloring, reading, and just having some great quality time! We sure do love having them here!!

5. Leila has reached that wonderful stage of toddler-hood where she has started undressing herself when she is down for a nap! Ugh! I totally remember Malakai going through this...I just forget how long it will last! However, as you can tell from most of the pictures, she doesn't have to be in bed to undress herself! She's a less is more kind of gal!

6. Speaking of Leila, she hasn't mentioned her B in almost a week now. She survived the dramatic transition!! Or should I say, I survived the dramatic transition?!

7. Have you seen Bella lately? She's a MOOSE!! Heart seems to be ticking just fine...for now!

8. I started my new position this week! Some of the ladies from the old office and I went out on Friday night to celebrate/mourn. It was a great time had by all!! I love those girls! Take a look at what they chipped in and got me! I'm SO excited and have already used it numerous times!! They know me ALL to well. Josh may be the king of the carpets, but I am now Queen of the hard floors! Ha Ha!

9. Malakai got his mop cut this week. I don't have a recent picture but I will get one up as soon as I can. I seem to be the only one who loves his hair long! Because of this, I always catch a lot of crap once it gets past a certain length. Apparently his teachers have said something about it being in his eyes because once he got it cut he said "Mrs. X will be very happy my hair isn't in my eyes anymore!" Seriously?! Not really sure that is their place, but whatever.

10. Give me a "Whoo Hoo!" if your cheering for Alli on The Bachelor. Jake still hasn't grown on me much, but I really LOVE her!


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the swope family said...

The playset looks AWESOME! Bet your kids will get lots of use out of it!!

Also, what is the hardwood floor cleaner? Brand, model? We have hardwoods and I can't stand to clean them b/c they are always still streaked! So, you must tell me what it is!!