Monday, January 25, 2010


I have succeeded in completing my first few hairbows for Leila this weekend!! I dragged the kids to Hobby Lobby Saturday night and picked up $25 worth of supplies. This included a glue gun and basically EVERYTHING needed to make a crap load of bows! I didn't really go all out on the ribbon selection, since I wanted to see if this was even something I could remotely do. I think they turned out pretty good. Now I need to focus on smaller ones since her hair always seems to be in a pony or piggies nowadays.

These bows would cost me a minimum of 5 dollars a piece on Etsy....not including shipping. So I almost have my money back :)

I'd have to say the most difficult part was lining those stinking alligator clips...Dang! Hot glue gun burns do not feel very good!


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Megan Daly said...

lol. Glue guns do suck.

But super cute bows. I love that. I made some for my girls when they were babies and still use them on them.