Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Tuesday Already?!

1. I'm not gonna lie. I'm having a really hard time with this week's T on T! I think I have been pretty boring lately so if it seems like I am reaching for things....I am :)

2. I love Gossip Girl! I am a faithful watcher. I usually run a week or two behind, but this is pretty much the only show I watch on my own. All the other shows I watch faithfully are also watched with Josh. He doesn't have a whole lot of interest in Gossip Girl which I am okay with. He is rather fond of Desperate Housewives though :)

3. Since I've been dieting, I'm not cooking! I hardly EVER cook anymore! Don't get me wrong, I cook for my kids when I get home from work and I sit down with them. But I don't cook for Josh and I anymore! Your probably thinking, "That doesn't make any sense!" I used to cook two meals a night. One for my kids and one for Josh and I that would be ready by 8:30 (the time he gets home) after the kids went to bed. I don't do this anymore and I feel really bad. Now, he gets home from work and I head to the gym so I am back in time to have some quality time with him before we go to bed.

4. With that said...I have accepted the fact that I am not Supermom! And I'm okay with that! I see women making themselves miserable trying to do it all and I truly believe that it isn't possible and I'm not going to make myself (and my family) miserable trying to be. My kids are loved! Loved more than I knew it was even possible to love someone. They will NEVER doubt our love for them!

5. Josh and I just celebrated 8 years of being together and I love him more each and every day! I am so thankful for him and the husband, father, and friend he is. I was watching him coach Malakai's Tball practice last week and I was smitten!! I still get butterflies, we still have date night three or four times a month, and not to mention the fact that I find him extremely sexy :)

6. I cheat! If you haven't noticed, the post date on my Ten on Tuesdays is usually Monday night. I just know that I am usually not going to have the time on Tuesday's . When I get home from work I have about an hour and a half to get the kids dinner, bath, Leila in bed, and Malakai ready for bed, before I have to leave for darts. Which by the way, we are two games out of first place. Whoo Hoo!

7. One of my favorite cousins (who I don't see often enough) is coming thru town next weekend and staying at our house! I am SO excited to see her! We have one of those relationships where we can go a couple of years without seeing each other, but when we do, we can stay up till the wee morning hours catching up!

8. I have made a promise to myself to start scrapbooking again! Josh tells me to go all the time, but I never have anyone to go with :( I even resorted to going to crops at Archivers BY MYSELF! There was a day when I wouldn't do ANYTHING by myself, and now I am so desperate to scrap that this has been my only option! A couple girlfriends and I used to get together and scrap at someone's house. Maybe we should start doing that again! However, with our crazy schedules we can usually find one night a month to get together and that is dedicated to dinner and drinks (not giving that up)! I just don't have the room at home to have something set up 24-7 dedicated to scrapping. Come on girls!! Holler at your girl!

9. I always use the phrase "After I win the lottery...." and I don't even play the lottery :)

10. For as long as I can remember, Colleen and I have ALWAYS owned the same pair of sunglasses. From Ralph Lauren to Lacoste. So, awhile back when she was raving about her new Ed Hardy glasses, I had to go check them out and have been drooling over them ever since :) I finally broke down and bought a pair in Chicago (an early anniversary present) and have been loving them since!! I'm not sure these are the exact ones she got, but I know I can always trust her taste and she didn't let me down this time! Thanks Colleen!!

No Matter How Long the Winter, Spring is Sure to Follow

Finally!! It seems that Spring has arrived in the Lou and is here to stay!! I LOVE SPRING! Even though we only really get a couple weeks of truly Spring weather (before it turns in to humidity hell), Spring is still my favorite! Flowers start blooming, late night thunder-storms, and weather just perfect for bar-bqing, kite flying, and my favorite....BASEBALL!! When I got the opportunity to buy Cardinal/Cubs tickets thru work for a ridiculously cheap price I jumped on it! What a great way for us to spend our Friday night! The weather was perfect, the beer was cold, and the great game of baseball was at it's best! It was a late night for Malakai and Leila but they handled it like champs. It helped that Josh put them down for a super late nap that day. Here are some pics of us at the game :)

Other than that, not a whole lot going on here. This is Malakai's last week at Goddard. It is bitter sweet. He is going to miss all his friends, but he will see his really good ones at Tball all summer and some of them will be attending St. Paul with him in August. He has a super summer planned with Carrie and Sarah and some summer camps filled with all the activities 4-year-old boys adore.

Here are some pics of just playing at home. I am amazed at how well they play together! Leila wants in on everything Malakai is doing and it doesn't really seem bothered! I'm sure it is only a matter of time before that changes :)


Best thing since I last blogged: I hosted a Candle Party over the weekend and had a fabulous time! Thanks to everyone who came! Girl time is always fun!

Worst thing since I last blogged: It's allergy season and Josh and Malakai have them BAD!! I would give anything to be able to open up my house during nice days and evenings but I can't! I feel so bad for them! Swollen eyes, hard to breathe! Poor guys!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

I'm taking the easy way out this week and doing a short and sweet list :)

Here they are....10 signs I'm getting older!

1. I enjoy reading Better Homes and Gardens, Scrapbooking magazines, and feel like cutting articles out of Parents Magazine.

2. I dread going to the mall on weekends because of groups of teenagers hanging out and doing teenager things really annoy me...and to think, I did that exact same thing!

3. I turn on Headline News in the morning instead of MTV Video Wake Up!

4. When I'm rocking out to Satelite Radio on the TV it is ALWAYS on the 90's station! Songs I listened to in High School!

5. I went to, and LOVED, the NKOTB concert....along with 30,000 other 30+ year olds! Do people even know what NKOTB stands for anymore?!

6. I have no idea what "Emo" means, nor do I really care!

7. I play darts in a league, at a bar, on Tuesday nights and I usually don't have ONE SINGLE alchoholic beverage!

8. Going out used to be leaving the house at 11pm and now it means getting home by 11pm :)

9. I have VERY opinionated views about politics and the conservative talk radio station is pre-programmed on my car radio :)

10. The kids I used to baby-sit are leaving for college, old enough to drink, and are even getting married!!

However, there are even more signs that I am NOT getting old, so I could never do that list for a T on T :) Way more than 10! Lol! For example, my dance moves, my up-to-date knowledge of celebrity gossip, and let's not forget my super hip winter hat ;)



I can not even express into words what an AMAZING, FABULOUS, PERFECT (need I go on?) time we had in Chicago this past weekend! And let me tell you....This Miller Family needed it! We ALL needed a break! Breaks from school, work, family (local), our house, our pets...we just needed to get away. We don't get to Chicago enough. Even though it is only 4 hours away (the same as Kansas City) it seems like any time we get a few days off we are always going to KC or somewhere else to visit family or friends. Never do we really just take a weekend for US.

I am going to try and break it down in days and try to keep it pretty short since I'm sure it is way more exciting to myself than others :)

We arrived in Joliet at 3 in the morning on Thursday. Yes! I said 3 AM! We could not leave St. Louis until AFTER Josh's beloved softball games which did not get over until 10:30! I managed to keep the kids awake during the first game, then Leila and I went to the car and I left Kai in the dugout with the boys. At one point I saw Josh running in the dugout from Left Field because apparently the Umpire called time out because Kai was screaming "I have to go potty!!" The entire game was put on hold so Josh could run him to the restroom!

Day 1: We wake up bright and early and head downtown to the Museum of Science and Industry. I have been to Chicago quite a few times and I'm not sure how I managed never to go to this place! It was SO cool and we spent literally all day there! My dad and Lisa flew in that morning so they met us there to spend the 2nd half of the day. Josh even got to experience his first Omnimax Movie. Seriously? The guy is 31 and he has never been to an Omnimax?! Malakai loved EVERYTHING! Especially the Farm Exhibit, the Trains, and the Space Exhibit. Leila is such a people watcher so she chilled in her stroller all day and ate, drank, and watched everyone!

We then headed to our hotel which was conveniently located on Michigan Avenue, got situated and were off to Ditka's Restaurant where we had great food, great wine, and we were even joined by Mike Ditka himself!!

Day 2: Off to The Shedd Aquarium! We decided to take advantage of the great public transportation Chicago has to offer and hopped on the bus...All of us, including Leila in her stroller. That was an experience! After the Aquarium we took a long walk along Lake Michigan to the Navy Pier and had dinner, shopped, rode the Ferris Wheel, and wrapped up a perfect day.

After getting the kids to bed, we left the men in the room with beer and Lisa and I headed to the hotel bar and shared pizza, cocktails, and great conversation. We kind of made this a habit every night :)

Day 3: The big birthday celebration! I can't believe my little sister is turning 5!! It seems like yesterday I was in there during her C-Section! We had lunch reservations at The American Girl at 12:15. While we did The American Girl thing, (which by the way, is amazing! OMG! I have never seen anything like it! It is an obsession for these people!!) Josh and Malakai headed to the Lincoln Park Zoo. After lunch and some shopping for Bitty Baby, Leila and I walked up and down the entire Michigan Avenue just shopping and enjoying the beautiful weather. It was a perfect day!

And it wouldn't be a perfect trip to Chicago if we didn't have some deep dish pizza so we picked up some at Gino's East and I enjoyed every cheesy, greasy, bite of it! Then we were off to enjoy the hotel pool before bedtime!

Day 4: Consisted of getting up, packing up, doing some last minute shopping and saying our good-byes. We truly had a wonderful trip! I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and TOTALLY relaxed!!


Best thing since I last blogged: My kids were P for Perfect on vacation! Who could ask for anything more?! AND Leila is walking more and more each day!! Whoo Hoo!!

Worst thing since I last blogged: Back to Reality

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

What a fabulous weekend we had!! We headed up to KC on Friday night for a fun-filled weekend! We can count on Lisa to have EVERY second we are there planned out. We woke up Saturday morning and took the kids to see the Easter Bunny. I have been lucky enough to have kids that are not really intimidated by big, hairy, animals...however, they also are also not extremely excited by them either!

When we got home from the Easter Bunny, my Dad and Lisa had invited all the neighborhood and family kids over to color and hunt Easter Eggs. Unfortunately Leila slept through most of the activities, but Malakai had a wonderful time! We were blessed with fabulous weather so we were able to be outside which was very exciting!

By the time everyone left we all were EXHAUSTED but Josh and I had a wedding to get to and Lisa took Kai and Kiera to an egg hunt at their church (1200 kids!) while Leila stayed home with Poppy. I don't have pictures of that hunt but I'm sure Lisa will be quick to send me some :)

You may remember from my Ten on Tuesday that our good friends from high school were getting married. It was a beautiful event and Josh and I really enjoyed the night out. Great food, drinks, dancing, and catching up with old friends. As you can see, I had a hard time keeping up with Josh on the dance floor :)

Sunday was filled with Easter Bunnies, church, family, and a LONG drive home! All in all, it was a great and yet exhausting weekend (as always).

Best thing since I last blogged: A wonderful weekend with friends and family!
Worst thing since I last blogged: You probably get sick of me saying this, but...WEATHER! Rain! Rain! Go AWAY!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. The weather here sucks!! We were spoiled with like a week of nice, springy weather and now it just plain ole sucks!! Malakai even got to wear shorts a few days and now he is back in his heavy coat! I hate it!! It's cold and gloomy and makes me not ever want to get out of bed. It messes me up with Leila's wardrobe because she has outgrown all her winter clothes and she has all new, nice, spring and summer outfits that she can't wear!! UGH!

2. I had my 6 month review at work this week and it went really well! I can't believe it has been 6 months! I really enjoy my job and I absolutely ADORE every woman I work with. They really are an amazing group of girls and I don't dread going to work every day which is a huge plus! I still love you Carol, Sue, and Ann :)

3. We wrapped up the Biggest Loser contest at work and I took second place! I pretty much took the weekend off and started back the routine on Monday. A couple of us are going to continue to weigh in on Thursdays to keep us motivated.

4. Malakai has an issue with public toilets and it is really starting to frustrate me. It is fine when Josh is with us and he can go into the Men's and use the urinal. However, if Josh isn't there (I'm not brave enough to let him go in by himself yet) we have to go in the Women's and it is always a HUGE ordeal!! He has to go into the smallest stall. He looks behind the toilet and studies the flusher to see what kind it is. If it is automatic he freaks out because it's going to be loud. To the point where I have to just pull down his pants and force him to go (while he is screaming) or else he will have an accident! If it isn't automatic, he finishes going and sprints out of the stall with his pants still down so he isn't actually in there when I flush the toilet. Seriously?! I know the kid has overly sensitive senses (especially his ears) but come on!!

5. My good girlfriend Melissa is topping my prayer list this week. She is such a wonderful, kind-hearted person who has had some unfortunate events occur in her life lately and I just want her to know that I'm thinking about her. Just keep believing Mel, I know it doesn't seem like it now, but good things will happen because you ARE a good person!

6. Josh and I are going to a benefit Gala for the hospital on May 1st! I am so excited to get all dressed up and have a night out! The theme is Da Bomb Prom so we are talkin formal gowns, limos, and the whole shabang!! Holla!!

7. I am SO excited for out trip to Chicago!! I love hotels, shopping, food, museums, and everything about it! Especially the quality family time. We are also celebrating my little sister's 5th birthday by having tea at the American Girl Store. Whoo Hoo!!

8. Josh starts softball this week! He plays on Wednesday and Sunday nights in the spring and summer. I love softball season. Although it is a little cold to go and watch him play right now, it is really a good time when the weather gets warm. I love taking the kids to the ballpark, letting them play and get dirty, and also watching Josh play. He has played with the same group of guys for MANY years now and it is always a fun time.

9. One of my long time girlfriends (Kristy) is getting married this weekend to one of Josh and I's long time guy friends (Tiant)! It has been a long time coming, they have been together for what seems like 14 years or something! Josh and I will be attending the wedding in KC. I love weddings! I'm really looking forward to it!

10. And a little randomness...I don't like to change lanes much when I'm driving. I like to get into the lane I need, and stay there. I'm afraid that if I don't do that, no one will let me in when I need to merge over, and I'll miss my turn or my exit.



Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oh how I've missed the mall!

Most of my loyal readers know that I am an addicted online shopper! I have a package literally arriving on my doorstep everyday. It is kind of a joke between my nannies and I because everytime I get home from work, I see the unopened package by the front door and I always say, "oh yeah! "blank" came today! Did you open it and look?!" and they always say no, they wouldn't open it without me there. So I proceed to open it, show them the contents and they do a great job of pretending to be as excited about it as me :)

I think I like online shopping for two reasons. One being the only time I can get to the stores is on the weekend and I don't really get good shopping done with both the kiddos and minus the husband. Two, I do a lot of stores online that aren't available for me to drive to. And three, I just like getting packages in the mail.

Well, Saturday my mom and I headed to the mall with Malakai and Leila to do some shopping! I don't think I have been to the mall since Christmas!! We had such a wonderful day! We did lunch, shopped, rode the carousel, and found everything we had set out to find!! On top of that, the kids were WONDERFUL!! Just chilled in their double stroller, ate some cookies, Malakai played with his cars, and they were both very content people watching :) They totally get that from me!

Both kids needed some new shoes, so after long periods of time in Stride Rite and Journey Kidz we ended up with these:

I also found an Easter Dress for myself, a shirt for Josh, and some summer clothes for the kids. Overall, a very successful day :)

After the kids were in bed and Josh got home from work, we finished Easter Basket shopping for the kiddos and managed to share a cocktail together and watch some basketball while waiting for our takeout after our late night trip to Target :)

And so I don't leave this blog totally pictureless of Malakai and Leila. Here they are just hanging out out home. Malakai is OBSESSED with his Color Changer Racetrack and Leila just loves anything she can get in to!


Best thing since I last blogged: My Sugar Free Red Bull is 2/$4.00 at the gas station I frequent :)

Worst thing since I last blogged: Rain!!