Thursday, April 2, 2009

Your only as old as you feel...

And lately I've felt Old!! At least my brain has felt old! Does that make any sense at all? Josh and I joke about "being old" when really, at least I like to think, that we are very hip for our age. Okay, so we don't have wild, all-nighters out on the town anymore, and sometimes when we see the way some kids are dressed these days we give each other that look that says "So help me God, if my child ever tries to dress like that..!", but in the long run, I think we are are pretty par to our age. Which is not old by any means....let me just clarify that!

While at the park not too long ago, I found myself cussing teenagers! I understand the whole underage drinking thing. Really, I GET IT! I was never a big drinker in high school, but I was around it, and I get it! I grew up in a small town so when I was a teenager we had "field" parties. We cruised McDonald’s and the main highway that snaked through town, found our friends, drove out to a dark county field, parked our trucks and cars, cranked up some Hank Jr. or Journey or Beastie Boys on the radio or from our incredible collection of cassette tapes, and we hung out. But you know what? We cleaned up after ourselves! We didn't scatter empty beer cans and cigarette butts all over a quiet suburban neighborhood park...a park that is heavily trafficked by families with young kids! We respected the cows' personal space. WE RESPECTED COWS! That's right. We might have been dipping into illegal activity, but we didn't litter! We might have peeled out on gravel roads if we saw Farmer Joe's lights go on, but we didn't litter.

So, if one of these annoying teenagers just happen to come across my blog, go have your fun in someones basement or sneak over to a friends house when their parents are out of town and scatter beer cans and cigarette butts on your own turf. Not ours.

And if I am ever out past 11 on a weekend, which I'll admit is highly unlikely since lately I struggle to stay up till 10, and see you all up at the park? I am going to really act old and kick some booty, or at least get Josh to scare you off! He has a lot of past experience with beer cans and I'm sure he can tell you where to stick them. Or for that matter, dispose of them :)



Best thing since I last blogged: I had a great dinner with the girls I used to work with last night. I love our monthly dinners and catching up. They are wonderful women!

Worst thing since I last blogged: We are entering tornado season here in the midwest and it really freaks me out! I hate tornados!!


BeCkStAr said...

I remember doing those same things as a teenager...but you are right we picked up after ourselves! But seriously I don't think I ever partied on a playground...ummmm I am scared for my child to grow up.

Heather said...

You are hilarious!! My BROTHER has some great stories about his YOUNGER YEARS..... they say you get from your kids worse then you gave to your parents.... OH MY GIRL... you better brace yourself for some FUN TIMES ahead!!