Monday, April 20, 2009


I can not even express into words what an AMAZING, FABULOUS, PERFECT (need I go on?) time we had in Chicago this past weekend! And let me tell you....This Miller Family needed it! We ALL needed a break! Breaks from school, work, family (local), our house, our pets...we just needed to get away. We don't get to Chicago enough. Even though it is only 4 hours away (the same as Kansas City) it seems like any time we get a few days off we are always going to KC or somewhere else to visit family or friends. Never do we really just take a weekend for US.

I am going to try and break it down in days and try to keep it pretty short since I'm sure it is way more exciting to myself than others :)

We arrived in Joliet at 3 in the morning on Thursday. Yes! I said 3 AM! We could not leave St. Louis until AFTER Josh's beloved softball games which did not get over until 10:30! I managed to keep the kids awake during the first game, then Leila and I went to the car and I left Kai in the dugout with the boys. At one point I saw Josh running in the dugout from Left Field because apparently the Umpire called time out because Kai was screaming "I have to go potty!!" The entire game was put on hold so Josh could run him to the restroom!

Day 1: We wake up bright and early and head downtown to the Museum of Science and Industry. I have been to Chicago quite a few times and I'm not sure how I managed never to go to this place! It was SO cool and we spent literally all day there! My dad and Lisa flew in that morning so they met us there to spend the 2nd half of the day. Josh even got to experience his first Omnimax Movie. Seriously? The guy is 31 and he has never been to an Omnimax?! Malakai loved EVERYTHING! Especially the Farm Exhibit, the Trains, and the Space Exhibit. Leila is such a people watcher so she chilled in her stroller all day and ate, drank, and watched everyone!

We then headed to our hotel which was conveniently located on Michigan Avenue, got situated and were off to Ditka's Restaurant where we had great food, great wine, and we were even joined by Mike Ditka himself!!

Day 2: Off to The Shedd Aquarium! We decided to take advantage of the great public transportation Chicago has to offer and hopped on the bus...All of us, including Leila in her stroller. That was an experience! After the Aquarium we took a long walk along Lake Michigan to the Navy Pier and had dinner, shopped, rode the Ferris Wheel, and wrapped up a perfect day.

After getting the kids to bed, we left the men in the room with beer and Lisa and I headed to the hotel bar and shared pizza, cocktails, and great conversation. We kind of made this a habit every night :)

Day 3: The big birthday celebration! I can't believe my little sister is turning 5!! It seems like yesterday I was in there during her C-Section! We had lunch reservations at The American Girl at 12:15. While we did The American Girl thing, (which by the way, is amazing! OMG! I have never seen anything like it! It is an obsession for these people!!) Josh and Malakai headed to the Lincoln Park Zoo. After lunch and some shopping for Bitty Baby, Leila and I walked up and down the entire Michigan Avenue just shopping and enjoying the beautiful weather. It was a perfect day!

And it wouldn't be a perfect trip to Chicago if we didn't have some deep dish pizza so we picked up some at Gino's East and I enjoyed every cheesy, greasy, bite of it! Then we were off to enjoy the hotel pool before bedtime!

Day 4: Consisted of getting up, packing up, doing some last minute shopping and saying our good-byes. We truly had a wonderful trip! I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and TOTALLY relaxed!!


Best thing since I last blogged: My kids were P for Perfect on vacation! Who could ask for anything more?! AND Leila is walking more and more each day!! Whoo Hoo!!

Worst thing since I last blogged: Back to Reality


Colleen said...

Very fun!! You guys look like you had a blast, and you are right who can ask for more than your children being perfect on vacation! Especially one that starts at 3 AM!!!!! Missed your blogging, are we back on for every other day!!???

Katie Thomson said...

Such cute pictures! I love the always! I wish Rylee had one to match every outfit like Leila! TOO cute!!

The Gourleys wild ride said...

American girl.....SO wanna go! I want one of those dolls! LOL

DAMN girl- you have lost a ton of weight, geesh...I am headed to the gym now after seeing you! xoxo