Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. The weather here sucks!! We were spoiled with like a week of nice, springy weather and now it just plain ole sucks!! Malakai even got to wear shorts a few days and now he is back in his heavy coat! I hate it!! It's cold and gloomy and makes me not ever want to get out of bed. It messes me up with Leila's wardrobe because she has outgrown all her winter clothes and she has all new, nice, spring and summer outfits that she can't wear!! UGH!

2. I had my 6 month review at work this week and it went really well! I can't believe it has been 6 months! I really enjoy my job and I absolutely ADORE every woman I work with. They really are an amazing group of girls and I don't dread going to work every day which is a huge plus! I still love you Carol, Sue, and Ann :)

3. We wrapped up the Biggest Loser contest at work and I took second place! I pretty much took the weekend off and started back the routine on Monday. A couple of us are going to continue to weigh in on Thursdays to keep us motivated.

4. Malakai has an issue with public toilets and it is really starting to frustrate me. It is fine when Josh is with us and he can go into the Men's and use the urinal. However, if Josh isn't there (I'm not brave enough to let him go in by himself yet) we have to go in the Women's and it is always a HUGE ordeal!! He has to go into the smallest stall. He looks behind the toilet and studies the flusher to see what kind it is. If it is automatic he freaks out because it's going to be loud. To the point where I have to just pull down his pants and force him to go (while he is screaming) or else he will have an accident! If it isn't automatic, he finishes going and sprints out of the stall with his pants still down so he isn't actually in there when I flush the toilet. Seriously?! I know the kid has overly sensitive senses (especially his ears) but come on!!

5. My good girlfriend Melissa is topping my prayer list this week. She is such a wonderful, kind-hearted person who has had some unfortunate events occur in her life lately and I just want her to know that I'm thinking about her. Just keep believing Mel, I know it doesn't seem like it now, but good things will happen because you ARE a good person!

6. Josh and I are going to a benefit Gala for the hospital on May 1st! I am so excited to get all dressed up and have a night out! The theme is Da Bomb Prom so we are talkin formal gowns, limos, and the whole shabang!! Holla!!

7. I am SO excited for out trip to Chicago!! I love hotels, shopping, food, museums, and everything about it! Especially the quality family time. We are also celebrating my little sister's 5th birthday by having tea at the American Girl Store. Whoo Hoo!!

8. Josh starts softball this week! He plays on Wednesday and Sunday nights in the spring and summer. I love softball season. Although it is a little cold to go and watch him play right now, it is really a good time when the weather gets warm. I love taking the kids to the ballpark, letting them play and get dirty, and also watching Josh play. He has played with the same group of guys for MANY years now and it is always a fun time.

9. One of my long time girlfriends (Kristy) is getting married this weekend to one of Josh and I's long time guy friends (Tiant)! It has been a long time coming, they have been together for what seems like forever...like 14 years or something! Josh and I will be attending the wedding in KC. I love weddings! I'm really looking forward to it!

10. And a little randomness...I don't like to change lanes much when I'm driving. I like to get into the lane I need, and stay there. I'm afraid that if I don't do that, no one will let me in when I need to merge over, and I'll miss my turn or my exit.




Claire said...

Hilarious! I totally do your number 10 too! I hate trying to cut across lanes to exit, and if I can't do a turn easily I will make a u-turn before trying to cut people off!

Colleen said...

Please let my mom comment on your number 10, please, she drives all the way from Mesa to downtown Phoenix in one lane! XOXO

Roberta said...

Yeah for number 10--also don't like left turns without a stop light!!!

Heather said...

Girl you would never survive out her on the east coast in one lane.. the traffic here REALLY STINKS!! Jason hates my driving and freaks out when I am behind the wheel... He feels much better now that he got me a HUMMER. I drive like a maniac, but that is what you have to do to survive on our roads!!

K to the M said...

You guys are so funny! Mrs. Kerwin, I blame your daughter for me staying in one lane because of all the times I had to duck down in the passenger seat as she was flying up the lane that we KNEW was merging!! Those were the days :)

Colleen said...

I still do it, and I LAUGH at the people as I drive by them waiting in the enormous line. It is my one bad habit one can I say!!!! (If only the last part were true!!!)

The Gourleys wild ride said...

Blaine is the SAME way about public toilets. He BEGS me to not flush them. At home, he RUNS out of the bathroom with his pants around his ankles, seriously! LOL

Have fun on all of your trips, be safe! xoxo