Monday, April 20, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

I'm taking the easy way out this week and doing a short and sweet list :)

Here they are....10 signs I'm getting older!

1. I enjoy reading Better Homes and Gardens, Scrapbooking magazines, and feel like cutting articles out of Parents Magazine.

2. I dread going to the mall on weekends because of groups of teenagers hanging out and doing teenager things really annoy me...and to think, I did that exact same thing!

3. I turn on Headline News in the morning instead of MTV Video Wake Up!

4. When I'm rocking out to Satelite Radio on the TV it is ALWAYS on the 90's station! Songs I listened to in High School!

5. I went to, and LOVED, the NKOTB concert....along with 30,000 other 30+ year olds! Do people even know what NKOTB stands for anymore?!

6. I have no idea what "Emo" means, nor do I really care!

7. I play darts in a league, at a bar, on Tuesday nights and I usually don't have ONE SINGLE alchoholic beverage!

8. Going out used to be leaving the house at 11pm and now it means getting home by 11pm :)

9. I have VERY opinionated views about politics and the conservative talk radio station is pre-programmed on my car radio :)

10. The kids I used to baby-sit are leaving for college, old enough to drink, and are even getting married!!

However, there are even more signs that I am NOT getting old, so I could never do that list for a T on T :) Way more than 10! Lol! For example, my dance moves, my up-to-date knowledge of celebrity gossip, and let's not forget my super hip winter hat ;)



The Gourleys wild ride said...


Speaking of dance moves......we need to go soon!!

K to the M said...

I know "emotional" silly! I just don't understand the whole label of being Emo :) I'm emotional when I'm prego but I'm not looking like that!! Ha Ha!

We are on the 8th! Fox and Hound again? I'll see what else is that way :)