Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Tuesday Already?!

1. I'm not gonna lie. I'm having a really hard time with this week's T on T! I think I have been pretty boring lately so if it seems like I am reaching for things....I am :)

2. I love Gossip Girl! I am a faithful watcher. I usually run a week or two behind, but this is pretty much the only show I watch on my own. All the other shows I watch faithfully are also watched with Josh. He doesn't have a whole lot of interest in Gossip Girl which I am okay with. He is rather fond of Desperate Housewives though :)

3. Since I've been dieting, I'm not cooking! I hardly EVER cook anymore! Don't get me wrong, I cook for my kids when I get home from work and I sit down with them. But I don't cook for Josh and I anymore! Your probably thinking, "That doesn't make any sense!" I used to cook two meals a night. One for my kids and one for Josh and I that would be ready by 8:30 (the time he gets home) after the kids went to bed. I don't do this anymore and I feel really bad. Now, he gets home from work and I head to the gym so I am back in time to have some quality time with him before we go to bed.

4. With that said...I have accepted the fact that I am not Supermom! And I'm okay with that! I see women making themselves miserable trying to do it all and I truly believe that it isn't possible and I'm not going to make myself (and my family) miserable trying to be. My kids are loved! Loved more than I knew it was even possible to love someone. They will NEVER doubt our love for them!

5. Josh and I just celebrated 8 years of being together and I love him more each and every day! I am so thankful for him and the husband, father, and friend he is. I was watching him coach Malakai's Tball practice last week and I was smitten!! I still get butterflies, we still have date night three or four times a month, and not to mention the fact that I find him extremely sexy :)

6. I cheat! If you haven't noticed, the post date on my Ten on Tuesdays is usually Monday night. I just know that I am usually not going to have the time on Tuesday's . When I get home from work I have about an hour and a half to get the kids dinner, bath, Leila in bed, and Malakai ready for bed, before I have to leave for darts. Which by the way, we are two games out of first place. Whoo Hoo!

7. One of my favorite cousins (who I don't see often enough) is coming thru town next weekend and staying at our house! I am SO excited to see her! We have one of those relationships where we can go a couple of years without seeing each other, but when we do, we can stay up till the wee morning hours catching up!

8. I have made a promise to myself to start scrapbooking again! Josh tells me to go all the time, but I never have anyone to go with :( I even resorted to going to crops at Archivers BY MYSELF! There was a day when I wouldn't do ANYTHING by myself, and now I am so desperate to scrap that this has been my only option! A couple girlfriends and I used to get together and scrap at someone's house. Maybe we should start doing that again! However, with our crazy schedules we can usually find one night a month to get together and that is dedicated to dinner and drinks (not giving that up)! I just don't have the room at home to have something set up 24-7 dedicated to scrapping. Come on girls!! Holler at your girl!

9. I always use the phrase "After I win the lottery...." and I don't even play the lottery :)

10. For as long as I can remember, Colleen and I have ALWAYS owned the same pair of sunglasses. From Ralph Lauren to Lacoste. So, awhile back when she was raving about her new Ed Hardy glasses, I had to go check them out and have been drooling over them ever since :) I finally broke down and bought a pair in Chicago (an early anniversary present) and have been loving them since!! I'm not sure these are the exact ones she got, but I know I can always trust her taste and she didn't let me down this time! Thanks Colleen!!


Katie Thomson said...

I cheat too! But I change the post options so it posts on Tuesday at some point. I just don't have a very exciting life that I can do it all in one day.

Oohh..I wish we lived in the same state! I would love to start scrapbooking! Rylee really needs something to keep all her pictures in. Same reason I don't do it...I don't want to go sit there by myself.

YAY on 8 years!

Colleen said...

Not the same glasses, but VERY CUTE!!! Andrea got a pair too, and then she called me and said, "Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!" I AM DOWN WITH IT, I know they are the BOMB! I love Ed Hardy, probably because I love Dennis Rodman, and he is a walking billboard!

Oh, how I remember that night 8 years ago!

Heather said...

I WANT THE SUNGLASSES!! I am on a hunt for them here in Va. Beach!! Soooooo adorable!!!!

The Gourleys wild ride said...

LOL, I puffy heart you. I think I still have scrappin' stuff somewhere around here! We should try to get that going again, at least once a month....
I don't cook anymore either girl! Brian cooks for himself and sometimes the kids. I have become obsessed with losing this baby weight. Can't wait for GNO ;)

K to the M said...

I love that! Immitation IS a sincere form of flattery :)

Kate, I need to figure out how to do that. Oh well, I guess the cat is already out of the bag. At least you have your sister! Thats what kind of sucks with the 24 year age difference between me and my sister :)

So glad to hear I'm not the only one not cooking :)

Sarah McK said...


I would love to scrapbook with you! I pretty much only see Callum and Logan now, so it would be a wonderful change of pace for me!