Monday, April 27, 2009

No Matter How Long the Winter, Spring is Sure to Follow

Finally!! It seems that Spring has arrived in the Lou and is here to stay!! I LOVE SPRING! Even though we only really get a couple weeks of truly Spring weather (before it turns in to humidity hell), Spring is still my favorite! Flowers start blooming, late night thunder-storms, and weather just perfect for bar-bqing, kite flying, and my favorite....BASEBALL!! When I got the opportunity to buy Cardinal/Cubs tickets thru work for a ridiculously cheap price I jumped on it! What a great way for us to spend our Friday night! The weather was perfect, the beer was cold, and the great game of baseball was at it's best! It was a late night for Malakai and Leila but they handled it like champs. It helped that Josh put them down for a super late nap that day. Here are some pics of us at the game :)

Other than that, not a whole lot going on here. This is Malakai's last week at Goddard. It is bitter sweet. He is going to miss all his friends, but he will see his really good ones at Tball all summer and some of them will be attending St. Paul with him in August. He has a super summer planned with Carrie and Sarah and some summer camps filled with all the activities 4-year-old boys adore.

Here are some pics of just playing at home. I am amazed at how well they play together! Leila wants in on everything Malakai is doing and it doesn't really seem bothered! I'm sure it is only a matter of time before that changes :)


Best thing since I last blogged: I hosted a Candle Party over the weekend and had a fabulous time! Thanks to everyone who came! Girl time is always fun!

Worst thing since I last blogged: It's allergy season and Josh and Malakai have them BAD!! I would give anything to be able to open up my house during nice days and evenings but I can't! I feel so bad for them! Swollen eyes, hard to breathe! Poor guys!!

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