Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. The kids and I had a fabulous time in KC this weekend! This T on T is going to relate a lot to our short, but sweet weekend :)

2. Malakai stayed the night with Ma Ma and Pa Pa Miller Saturday. He and Pa Pa spent the entire day together on Saturday. They went to the park, the Fire Station, grilled hot dogs, and actually slept outside in a tent!! Josh's Grandpa Miller started the Civil Defense Department in the small town we grew up in, so he is a very well known, and greatly missed figure in the community. Because of this he was given preferred treatment at the station. Malakai is going to be talking about it FOREVER!!

3. Speaking of Malakai, I miss him terribly! Our house is ENTIRELY too quiet!! His sweet smile is contagious so not having it around leaves a little cloud over my head. Of course Leila is enjoying the one-on-one attention and her smile also lights up the room, but she goes to bed at 6:45!!

4. Every time I go to KC, Lisa has Sisterly "tasks" for me to complete. This weekend I had two. First I had to teach Kiera the Hoedown Throwdown! We, or should I say, I, had a blast!! If you don't have girls, your probably not familiar with the popular dance from the recent Hanna Montana Video. It is SO fun!! I told Josh I want to go to an 18 and over Dance Club just so I can show off my Hoedown Throwdown Skills!!

Second task was a little more difficult. They took the training wheels off of her bike and decided they didn't enjoy running along beside her so they declared this my job. It's not so much the running beside her that sucks, its the BENDING OVER while running beside her. Kills my back!! However, we had an hour lesson and my dad informed me that yesterday she was riding like a champ!!

5. Went and looked at the house that Josh wanted to see last week. Thank you everyone for your opinions, I love them!! I seriously could have walked in and turned right back around. It is 200 square feet smaller than what we have, which is not an option! I would never buy an atrium ranch without a finished basement, and I don't care how perfect the neighborhood was, it was WAY over-priced, even for that area!! The bottom line is, I'm not settling. I'm thankful we aren't "stuck"/upside down in our current home, or being forced out, like a lot of unfortunate home owners. I am only moving one time (other than of course, for a relocation)! Whether it be tomorrow or two years from now, I refuse to settle! Which could possible mean building, which I'm fine with.

6. Oh yes it's Ladies Night and I'm Feeling Right!! Holla!! Taking a last minute trip to the Ozarks the end of the month with some of my KC girls!! Kristen, Ange, Missy, Kristin, and whoever else decides to join us, I am SUPER excited! Shout out to Kristen's cousin who is letting us use his house, boats, and jet ski's!! My fabulous Aunt Cindi is heading down to St. louis to help keep the troops in line while Josh has to work. Should be good times had by all :)

7. June 15th starts Josh and I's 12 week training schedule for our half marathon! It is pretty brutal, but I am very excited!!

8. Because I have the date of June 15th in my head, my diet has gone to hell! It's like I know I'm going to be running 12 - 23 miles a week for the next 12 weeks so I can eat anything I want till then. Ugh! It's an awful attitude to have!!

9. Sephora has stopped carrying my favorite brand of make-up...Tony and Tina!! I am devastated. It is almost impossible to find online as well. This is a sad, sad day!

10. Last but not least, since I'm at work, and the computers are down, ONCE AGAIN! Here is a useless fact for you. An office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet. Go figure!



Katie Thomson said...

I am going to have to update myself with Hannah Montana so when I go back to work I am not out of the loop! Too Cute!

The Gourleys wild ride said...

Okay I want to see you do the dance! lol
What I would give for a girls weekend away, ahh so jealous- but you deserve it. Anytime you want to join me @ the gym to run, holla! You are an awesome big sis girl! xoxo