Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tag...Your it!

Thank you Colleen and Katie for allowing me to participate in the Tag game :) Here's what you gotta do. Take the your 7th picture folder on your computer, go to the 7th picture in that folder, post it, and explain about it. I kind of cheated and used my shutterfly folders since I don't even have 7 folders on my laptop yet :)

Pretty self-explanatory. This is Malakai at 11 weeks. He loved this Einstein mat! I even bought Leila a new (different) Einstein mat since this one had been used by Kiera AND Malakai, but she wouldn't even touch the new one. She only wanted this one! He could lay there for HOURS and entertain himself. Oh, how I cherish the days before they are mobile!! I don't, however, miss the days of never being able to take off that darn bib! That kid could SPIT UP!

I tag: Nicole, Annaka, Sarah, Danielle, Rebecca, Lisa, Autumn, and Heather! Happy Tagging!




Katie Thomson said...

Rylee is going through the SAME mat! It went through Jackson and Tyler and Rylee LOVES it...even more than the Exersacuer one that we registered for! Go figure! We love it!
Same here with the bibs! I HATE bibs and Rylee has the same spit up issue so we invested in many bibs :o(

The Gourleys wild ride said...

Oh GREAT....okay blah! going now

The Magill Family said...

ok, will get to this hopefully sometime soon, I have ALOT of catching up to do on my family blog - very sad!! :-)