Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I am having a really difficult time with my little Leila Jane lately. I feel like she is in that really difficult stage where she wants what she wants, when she wants it, and there is no negotiating. However, I feel like it is only this way with ME!

Take yesterday for instance. She is a perfect, little angel, till Josh goes to work at noon, then watch out!! She followed me from room to room, screaming belligerently at me! She wanted up! She wanted down! Uh Oh, she didn’t want down at all! Mean, Mean, Mommy!!

She screams and whines at me for having the audacity of doing the following:

I refused to let her play with scissors.

I refused to let her eat a stick of butter.

I denied her the joy of playing alone on Malakai’s bunk-bed that sits 5 foot off the floor. In turn denying her the right to break her face plummeting into the floor or bedside table. I would like to keep her first head injury off till at least the age of 5!!

I dressed her.

I offered her a sippy cup of water.

I refused to let her throw magnets in the washing machine, I did however, let her stick them on the side. Nope. Not good enough.

And the final straw: I handed her a piece of banana. Banana!! Her favorite fruit!! How dare I?!

I’m not quite sure what to do. In her eyes, how dare I have the nerve to feed and clothe her, and prevent her from injuring herself! How dare I place these sort of limits on her! Let’s just say there was much flinging of sippy cups and bananas and binkys. Which by the way she still has, mostly because Josh and I are afraid of her and what would happen if we tried to take it. So, thanks to the The Meyer’s for giving us the idea of having Santa take them to give to all the babies who don’t have binkies. Josh wondered if that would scar her from Santa for the rest of her life….I don’t think so. Plus I think Malakai will do a great job of hyping it up. We will see.

Why is it always the mommy that gets this kind of punishment?! Josh let me sleep in the other morning, I come downstairs, and they looked like the front of a Hallmark card! All playing nicely, laughing, etc. Josh goes upstairs to get ready for work and all hell breaks loose! Bella starts biting my bottom, Leila starts screaming because I’m not making breakfast quick enough….Seriously People!!

I vaguely remember Malakai at 18 months. He was difficult in other ways. It is so amazing how different they are! Malakai spent his whole toddler-hood in a stroller. Everywhere we went, he was in a stroller. Cardinals Game...stroller. Wiggles...stroller. He is STILL confined to a stroller or shopping cart when we go shopping. Leila is much easier in the sense, I don't have to lug a stroller to Malakai's soccer games, she will happily play right there close to me without problem. She is an awesome sleeper/napper, eater, independent. It's this dramaticness (is that a word) that I am having trouble with. I have NO idea where she gets it ;)

Words of widsom...please?


Best thing since I last blogged: Had a great night out with Kristen!! Go Tigers!!

Worst thing since I last blogged: STILL going without a camera!! Definitely on my list of things to do this week :)


Colleen said...

Can I just say that I was laughing reading this!? AND that Tyler was in her room at a MUCH younger age than Jackson was. Start time out!

ALSO, is there anything that makes you think she could be under the weather because Tyler will have an ear infection, I will have no idea, but she is especially unpleasant during those!

Claire said...

Ahhh, the joys of little girls! Drama is their middle name!!!

Can I say, I wish Santa could come take Paige's thumb away?!? That is a great idea! And, your disclaimer cracked.me.up!

K to the M said...

You could totally be right Colleen!! I know she is teething, maybe I should cut her a little slack :) I'll let you know how the whole time out thing goes, I'm totally ready to start that!

Claire, I feel ya on the thumb!! I sucked my two fingers till I was like 7!! My dad bribed me with getting my ears pierced and I never did it again :)

This is the first time I have written/finished a blog and had it post at a later time and something funky is going on with my disclaimer!! I can't find it, think it has something to do with the editing. I'm confused :(

Sarah S said...

Ok so that video is just about as funny as the blog itself!!!

Our wild ride said...

LMBO- She isn't got nuthin on Leelyn! Shoot!!!!