Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ten on Thursday!

1. Thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers with Malakai. For those of you who don't know, he broke his collar bone at school last Wednesday. He was playing Ring around the Rosie with a bunch of boys and when they all fell down, they decided it would be fun to tackle each other and it just snapped in half. When I picked him up, I knew he was really hurt because he wouldn't let me touch it. Usually he is pretty good about shaking it off when he gets hurt and when he wasn't I knew we had to go to urgent care. He also saw the Ortho doctor who gave him a little brace to wear. It is amazing how kids just bounce back. I wouldn't say he is back to normal, but it definitely isn't affecting his daily life like it was in the beginning!

2. Leila has a new obsession! We were fortunate enough to be given this beautiful vanity! One of my co-workers just moved into a new house and bought all new furniture so they gave this piece to Leila. She LOVES it!! Such a girly-girl!

3. You may remember from last week that Josh and I played darts together and it was NOT good. Weeeellll, I needed a sub again this week and he was my last resort! Because he loves me, he said yes and we ended up kicking some major behind. It's amazing how much more fun it is playing together when we are winning :)

4. The weather here has been awful! Rainy, cold, and gloomy! I can handle the cold, but when the sun isn't shining, that's when I have a problem. It changes my whole mood...I hate it!! It has been unseasonly cold, barely even reaching 50 degrees during the day. We have family pictures on the 25th...outside. Please Lord, give us a little bit of sunshine!

5. I hate Flu Season! It is awful at work! People are freaking out about H1N1 AND the seasonal flu! There is a shortage on the seasonal flu vac so people are constantly screaming all day long! We haven't even received the H1N1 yet from the health department which causes people to scream as well. Everyone is on edge and snapping at each other. The sad part, this is just the beginning!

6. For those of you following my sketchy Etsy seller saga, I received the outfit and on a positive note, it is freaking adorable! However, I was told by the seller that she would refund my shipping charges which she did not do until I pointed it out when I left her negative feedback on her etsy site. I still have not received an apology!

7. Leila has an obsession with hats. If there is a hat, she puts it on. I love it! Although, she doesn't seem to want the hat I want her to wear. Is this what I have to look forward to with girls? Constant defiance?! She also must have been feeling a lack of attention, since she felt it necessary to wear Malakai's sling :)

8. I went to my first Massage Party over the weekend and it was Fabulous! It was myself and three girlfriends. There was a masseuse set up in a room, and we each took a turn with a 45 minute session with her. While one was getting her massage, the rest of us were enjoying wine and conversation. The men came over afterwards with all the kids for a great Lasagna dinner. Thank you Sherri for hosting! Too bad we couldn't get Sara in the picture :(

Sherri, Me, and Kristen

Jon Jon and Malakai (the only two I could get to pause long enough for a pic!)

9. I can't stand Russell on Survivor! I'm almost to the point though, where I think he deserves to win because the people he is manipulating are so STUPID!
10. Don't forget to check out the new blog :)
Ps. I find it interesting that Leila is NOT highlighted in yellow while spell-checking!


Sarah McK said...

I love that vanity! So cute! I hate the cold weather too. I have a really hard time during the winter. I could never live in a cold, rainy place like the Pacific Northwest.

Colleen said...

OMG-I love Russell, I can't wait to see what kind of slimy shit he pulls each and every week! Love him, but I am just a BEYATCH like that!!!