Thursday, April 8, 2010

Discovering where you live....

With the wild and crazy lives we live (ha ha) we get one, sometimes two vacations a year. As much as I would love to travel some where 4 or 5 times a year, it just isn't doable with our schedules. So, Josh and I have sort of made a pact to discover the city we live in. True, we have done A LOT in this city. However, when the research is done, there is still so much left undiscovered. So, every opportunity we have we are going to pick a new landmark and go check it out.

Josh's schedule was VERY light over the holiday weekend, which was SO nice!! We had so much quality time as a family and it was fabulous. Make sure those of you who have husbands that work a M-F job take the time to appreciate that! Because I work M-F and he Works weekends, are time together as a family is not nearly enough!

We decided to hit the famous Boathouse. This is a quaint little restaurant on a lake/pond smack dab in the middle of Forest Park. It is absolutely gorgeous, the atmosphere is romantic, yet suitable for a family, and the ambiance is amazing. The weather was upper 70's with just a slight over-cast, so in my eyes it was perfect. Thank goodness we had reservations because it was CRAZY down there. We purposely avoided the zoo, which is also in Forest Park because we knew it was going to be crazy, but that doesn't mean we avoided the traffic! Holy Traffic-Jam! It was worth it though! The food was great, the kids fed the ducks, the weather was perfect to just walk around the park after lunch and just let the kids be the leaders. Wherever they went we followed.

We ended the day with a volleyball game Josh and I had, followed by a round of Go Karts at the local Swing-Around-Fun Town.

Days like this fall in my "perfect" category.


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