Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter - Family = Bittersweet

I have very fond memories of Easter as a child. All of my cousins gathering at my grandparents for the annual Easter Egg Hunt....just waiting for the day that I was actually old enough to be an "Egg Hider" and not just an "Egg Seeker"

As I entered college, Easter was not one of those holidays that I made it home for. Unfortunately we weren't granted much of a break, plus it landed either before or after Spring Break which I usually used to come home. So, in stepped the Kerwins. Oh, how I love the Kerwins. My home away from home, my second family, my savior in many situations. My Easter basket from Mrs. Kerwin, church with everyone, and the day spent at the Sawka's playing card games and eating ungodly amounts of food became my new Easter tradition. Those were the days!

Now I find myself at a point where I have to make my own traditions, for my own kids. As much as I would love to go home, there is just so much going on, that it isn't possible. So, even though it was much different than what I have been used to, we set out to make a very special Easter for our kiddos. At first I was set on going to a swanky Easter brunch, where we all got dressed up and pay way too much for a buffet that I only like a few items on anyway, and have to deal with crowds of people. Josh talked me in to hanging out at the house, and I was so glad he did!

Saturday we colored Easter Eggs which as much as I try not to, but it totally makes me sweat profusely! Malakai picked out Star Wars, which from the package, looked like it had stickers, however, it turned out they were rub-ons! Seriously?! Rub-ons on a hard boiled egg??!!! I don't think so! Leila picked Hello Kitty, I had Marble (which I never got to) and Josh had sports....original right? All in all, they turned out fine, however, due to my sweating I didn't get great pictures :)

Sunday morning, the kids were ecstatic to wake up to TWO baskets! One from the Easter bunny and one Poppy and Tutu had sent. I don't think Malakai even noticed anything after he saw the Super Mario Brothers DS game in Poppy and Tutu's basket! The Easter Bunny took the practical route this year and filled their baskets with summer themed items. Swimsuits, beach towels, goggles, pool toys, and flip-flops.
The baskets were followed by the obvious, an egg hunt. Malakai hunted for race car eggs and Leila princess-animal eggs. They had a ball!
The day was completed with a trip to the park. So, even though we didn't have family, or the Kerwins, it still turned out okay. Miller Family traditions being created on their own. I guess it's not really about me anymore, but those precious babies I would do anything for. That's what parenting is all about hen it comes down to it.


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