Monday, April 12, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

It's another busy week!

*Chicken Tenders, courtesy of Colleen...
These are her exact instructions: Take a package of chicken tenders, crush up a container of those French fried onion things, dunk each chicken tender in mustard, then the onion things, layer in baking pan or on a sheet. Bake at 350 until tenders are cooked through and golden brown. Usually about 30 minutes. You can make them in advance and refrigerate or freeze.
*French Fries
*Fresh Fruit

Tuesday: I'm working late/happy hour, so I will leave Josh to make his famous "Karissa isn't home, and I'm in charge of dinner" meal.
*Chili Dog Casserole

Wednesday: I'm hosting a get together at my house, so this will probably be a happy meal night for Josh and the kiddos.

*Crockpot Swiss Chicken
A long time ago, Colleen shared the baked swiss chicken recipe which everyone in my family LOVES! I am going to try this version in the crockpot and see if it is as good. Thursdays are always tough because Josh ALWAYS works late and there is no better feeling than to have dinner already ready when I get home from work.
*Crescent Rolls
*Steamed Veggies

Friday: We don't have volleyball tonight till 9:00 so, it's Breakfast for Dinner!
*Surprise Pancakes
*Crockpot Apples

Saturday: Eat Out

*Burgers on the grill
*Grilled Veggies
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Leah said...

That Chili Dog casserole actually looks pretty good, I am putting it on my "recipes to try list" :)

Katie Thomson said...

I love this post of yours on Mondays! I need to get motivated and start a weekly menu! (Along with a weekly cleaning schedule, do you do one of those?)

Karissa said...

@ kids and husband LOVE it! There is never any left-overs!!

@Katie I wish I did a weekly cleaning schedule! However, right now it consists of...ummmm...NOTHING!! I always feel bad because the house is so clean when I get home from work on Josh's days off...I don't know how he does it. My only excuse is my days off are the weekends which are consumed with bday parties, athletic events, grocery shopping, and laundry. Let me know if you get either one of these started, I would totally follow!!