Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spirit Sprint!

Yesterday the Miller family partook in the 2nd Annual St. Paul Spirit Sprint. Good times had by all. I'll tell you though, I really had NO idea what to expect. With everything this past year, we went in to it totally blind. That is the hard part about being new to this school. I just feel like when fliers go home, or when things are explained they are geared towards those (the majority) that already know what they are talking about. So, this year, Josh and I have been winging it and taking notes for next year, so we actually have a clue of what is going on :)

It is VERY rare that we ever have Josh home on a Saturday morning. Yes, he had to go in to work at noon, but still, we took full advantage of the morning. In fact, Malakai was SO confused when he woke up this morning because he thought it was Monday, since daddy was home yesterday

The day was beautiful, the weather actually had a bit of a chill in it which was nice. There were no age groups, just all the kids ran one full lap around Fenton park which turns out to be a little more than a mile. Malakai did an awesome job, and as you can see, had a lot of friends to socialize with along the way. We hung out and waited for them to finish so we have no idea what they did along the way, but he seemed to finish really well which means he had to of ran the majority of the way!! Leila enjoyed the face-painting!!

After the race, we chilled out with some water and bananas and completed the morning with some time at the playground. It was a great day! Josh and I wish we could have participated in the parent run, but his allergies were killing him and I'm not really sure what I would have done with the kids if we were running...hmmm.


P.S. If you couldn't tell, I was playing with different ways to upload pics into blogger...not sure that any way is better, just testing them out :)

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Heather said...

This kids smiles CRACK ME UP!!!! They are so adorable!!!!