Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Not a lot to update everyone on today. I am enjoying a nice evening in with a bottle of wine, work, and Glee. Not necessarily in that order :)

One of my biggest challenges while being here is TV issues. NO TIVO!! I can't remember the last time I had to be worried about being on a specific channel at a specific time so I don't miss an episode. And watching commercials...OMG!!! They are torture!!! Josh and I worked out a plan that I was going to try and watch what I could and he would save the rest for me on Tivo. Seems to be working out pretty well :)

I find it really amusing that Josh picked Malakai up from Kids Club (After school program) today and they had to ask for his ID. I am the one that ALWAYS picks him up...the only reason he is there 3 days a week is because J works late, therefore I pick him up at 5. Every other day, J picks him up at 3:00 from school, so the Kids Club teachers don't see his charming face that often.

Malakai got in trouble at school today. Apparently him and a good friend got into an argument because they never play with each other at recess. Said friend plays soccer and Malakai plays Mario and Luigi. Well I guess it turned into a pretty heated 5 year old argument and a note got passed around saying "Who do you like more? Malakai or said friend?" Seriously!!! In Kindergarten? Not to mention....BOYS!

Other than that, not a whole lot going on. J sounded a little worn out when I talked to him tonight. He had a full day of work, dance, and the task of packing Malakai for a week in Florida. He is a champ though :)

That's all for tonight friends. Hope everyone is having a blessed week! I leave you with our nightly skype picture and a pic of Leila before dance :)


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