Sunday, October 10, 2010

Boston...Day 1

Well, I made it! For those of you that don't know, I am spending some time in Boston for work. And by "some time" I mean like....3 weeks! I do get to come home for a weekend though, so that will be nice. It was a difficult choice for me on whether or not to go through with it, and a much easier choice for Josh. He never hesitated, told me to go for it. That in the huge picture of life, three weeks is nothing and is a great move for my career. I love the fact that I am married to someone so supportive of me being a working mom. Obviously the guilt is still there, but when I am surrounded by such amazing people, it definitely helps.

I think he might actually have it easier while I am gone than when I am there! My fabulous mother-in-law is coming for a week and then my fabulous mom is coming for a week. The kids absolutely ADORE them so I am hoping they will be side-tracked from the fact that mommy isn't home...hoping :) Then, my fabulous dad and step-mom will be taking Malakai to Disney World for a week during this time as well. Friends have even offered to bring them dinner on some nights...Seriously?! We truly have amazing friends! Everyone is going to be super busy, especially Josh, working and running kids to soccer, dance, etc. the time will hopefully fly by!

So, the plan is to blog every day regarding this adventure. Josh and I haven't spent a significant time apart since I was in college. I am even hoping I can get him to log on here and update my blog with the kids' adventures on that particular day. Technology is so amazing these days! Can't wait to skype and talk to my babies every night before they go to bed...

I just flew in this afternoon and so far smooth sailing. My anxiety only hit the roof once and that was driving from the airport to the hotel. Thank goodness for GPS!!!! I am settled into the hotel, made a Walmart run to stack up on some groceries, and now I am getting ready to get lost in a book. It sounds great....for a few days! Not sure how nice it's gonna be in the long run.

Till tomorrow faithful readers....we will see what adventures are to come!




Melissa said...

I can't wait for this weekend's posts!! :=)

Cynthia said...

I am sooooo jealous! I lived in Boston for many years, my all time favorite place, and would move back in a second. where are you staying? this is one of the best times of year to be there. have fun!

Karissa said...

@Melissa - Oh boy!!

@Cynthia - I am actually in Westborough...any advice you could give would be fabulous!!!

Sarah McK said...

What kind of training are you doing that you have to be in Boston for a month?