Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 5...a little late

My days are filled with classes! When I'm not at class, I am still working! It's been crazy, but I am SO looking forward to the weekend!

My girlfriend Melissa flew in today, and we are SO ready to explore Boston! Tonight was pretty quiet since she had quite the adventure. Her flight left STL at 6:15am, she got to Boston and the luggage was backed up so she missed her reserved ride to the hotel!!! So, what does she do? Hops on the Silver Bus, takes it to the Commuter Rail, and many hours later she ended up at the correct station in Westborough. I picked her up when I got out of class and there she was...sitting outside the station with her luggage, reading Harry Potter :) Totally chill!!! We both agree that when you have kids, traveling without them is a BREEZE!!! When your on no one elses schedule but your own, your golden.

Since she had a long day of traveling, we went to dinner and headed back to the hotel for some wine and Greys Anatomy.

Malakai's flight to Orlando was this morning and he made it safe and sound. My mother-in-law also made it to St. Louis and Leila is having a GRAND time with her.

Here are some pics I have received on my phone today :)

Orlando or Bust!

Amazed by the Clouds :)

Lego Land!

She is Crazy!

Till next time!



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