Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

10 things I did in Boston....

1. Rode the Subway for the first time EVER!!

2. Toured Harvard! This wasn't really on the top the list of things to do, but everyone insisted that we needed to do it. I am SO glad we did! There were so many interesting facts regarding the campus and the buildings. SUPER COOL!

3. Visited and ate at Cheers! There are two locations in Boston. We ate at one and drank a beer at the other.

4. Partially walked the Freedom Trail. Melissa did the entire Freedom Trail on Friday while I was in class. However, I did see it and walked along it for a little bit while headed to other places. I think that counts :)

5. Sat at the bar and ate oysters at The Union Oyster House. This restaurant is known as the OLDEST restaurant in continuous service in the US! We became friends with the workers at the Raw Bar who were very entertaining! Jimmy is the one shown below. Melissa got a good picture of them together, but I didn't so I pulled this one off the web :)

6. Walked into The Bell in Hand Tavern. We didn't stay here long because it was CRAZY busy and filled with 21 year olds. We wanted to see it though. The Bell in Hand is the oldest, continuously, operating Tavern! Daniel Webster, Paul Revere, and William McKinley were known to frequently visit the tavern and the only time it ever closed was during Prohibition!!

7. Next stop...The Green Dragon. Established in 1654 The Green Dragon was a favorite haunt of Paul Revere and John Hancock (who’s brother lived next door!).

8. Last but not least, Durty Nelly's. This place wasn't even on our list, but our friends at the Oyster House recommended we stop by there. So glad we did! It was filled with locals and was such a quaint little bar. On the website is says "Overflowing with Irish charm and hospitality, this is just the place to take a break from a hectic day or spend the night with good friends passing away the hours in great conversation." This describes it PERFECTLY!

9. SALEM!!!!!! So cool!! Obviously we couldn't have asked for a better time of year to be there. The place was just jumping! We walked the cute cobblestone streets and went in all the witch-craft shops. The street performers were super-cool as well. Again, no pics since I can't get them off my camera :(

10. The Salem Witch Museum. This gave us a lot of history on the witch trials. Pretty cool!

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend!!! Thanks Melissa!

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Cynthia said...

JEALOUS!!!!! all my favorites !