Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ten on day late

1. We had a fabulous weekend with our family that was visiting from KC! Thank you to Cindi, Mallory, Baby Liam, Michael, Bobby Joe, and Riley for coming to Miller Town for the weekend! It was a full house and I loved it. There is nothing better than having family around. You definitely learn to appreciate it more when you don't have it all the time. That is for sure!!

2. I'm not putting any pictures in this TonT! I think that is a first!!

3. We will miss going to KC for Easter this year. We usually do, but there are just too many things going on in April and May that will involve us going to KC and we just can't do it every weekend. As much as we love it, it is exhausting!! I haven't decided if we are going to go to a brunch somewhere or if we should just bbq at home. What are you doing for Easter?

4. I'm addicted to Brain Buddies on Facebook! Don't ever play, it will consume your entire life!!

5. What is the average price for school lunch? I have not had to pay before because Malakai's school was re-doing their cafeteria and kitchen all year so he had to bring his every day. However, the construction is done and they are offering a new program. Even though he is so picky, there are days I think he would enjoy it. I find it kind of annoying that we have to go online, pick what days we want (at least 48 hrs in advance) and pay with paypal, anywhere from $3.00 - 4.50. Is that average? Just curious...

6. We are going to lunch at the Boathouse on Friday!! I am very excited to have Miller Family Funday! As long as we have been in St. Louis, we have never eaten here! That's pretty bad! It's almost like living here and never going to the Arch!! Yay for beautiful weather and much needed quality family time!!

7. I LOVED Usher on American Idol!! I love him!! I really think him and Justin Timberlake need to do a song together! That would be H.O.T!!

8. Opening day is just around the corner! Eeeeekkk!!! As much as I love KC, NOTHING beats Cardinals Baseball! Can't wait to see my boy Skip tear it up this season! I'm feeling some definite post-season play!!

9. Embarrassing moment of the week: I was running on my treadmill in the basement, ipod cranked, and singing/screaming my workout playlist at the top of my lungs. Mind you, I'm out of breath so the singing was next to awful!! We are talking Big Girls Don't Cry, Spice Girls, Bossy, a great mixture. When I got off, I realized the screen door was open and my neighbors were on their back deck!! Seriously?! I could have died!!

10. Anyone have any good April Fools Day tricks they are pulling on their fam? I was looking for harmless ideas to do to Malakai and Leila. Among one of my favorites was to put a Crayola bath tablet in the sink faucet, so when they turn it on in the morning to brush their teeth the water will be blue/red/yellow etc. I thought that was really cute. One suggestion was to swap your children in their bed at night so they wake up in their siblings bed. I seriously think Malakai would FREAK out if he woke up in Leila's crib! OMG!



Colleen said...

I pay $4.20 for J's lunch, BUT I don't have to tell them in advance, I can decide the morning of, they will bill me, etc. NEXT YEAR, lunch is $1.50! HOLLA!

Sarah McK said...

You'll love the Boathouse. It's so fun and also yummy! I told Logan I was pregnant for my April Fool's Day trick. He was pretty shocked. :) And I wish I was your neighbor. Living in an apartment building I think my neighbors have heard me belting along to more than their fair share of musical theater soundtracks. :)