Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ten things I want to buy myself...

To add a little variety to T on T, here are ten things I want to buy myself. But probably won't for awhile due to the following reasons:

a) There are other things more important/logical, higher on the list

b) I'm waiting for Josh to buy it FOR me

c) They are just ridiculously overpriced

1. A sewing machine! With all my DIY projects, I really think I could get good use out of one. Nothing expensive, just a beginners one to get me started.

2. New Bedroom Furniture. Since I went Psycho when I was prego with Leila and took apart our HUGE 80's bedroom set, piece-by-piece, with a hammer, we have been without. Other than a dresser. Josh is totally fine with this, all he cares about is we still have the Cali King bed. But, with the new house, it's time to stop putting our room last on the list.

3. One of these necklaces from Avaeli who is an amazing Etsy seller AND a local St. Louisan!

4 and 5. A new lens for my camera. This goes along with 5 which is a photography class. I don't by any means want to be a professional, I just wanna shoot decent pictures of my babies.

6. A weekend, or week-long, getaway with Josh....hopefully that is coming soon!!

7. New Boobs! These ARE coming sooner rather than later! Those of you who have had children KNOW what having kids do to a woman's body. Looks like 2010 will be the year!

8. A Kindle!!

9. These Betsey Johnson shoes!! I don't really have anywhere to wear them, but I have been in love with them for some time now and they actually just went on sale. Hmmmm

10. Last but not least, I can't do this list without putting an outrageously expensive purse that I am just DYING for. The Villador Carpetto Bow Bag! Wouldn't it look fabulous on my arm this spring?! In my dreams, I would ever get this one...BUT the great thing about blogging about it? Lot's of eyes out there for me to look for a look-a-like :) I'm even open to other colors!!



Colleen said...

Ewwww, I would hope you are open to other colors on the purse, that is HIDEOUS! I think a pink or black, but then again, that's why I HATE MY WARDROBE, it is all pink and black!

In other news, I will say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes, which is shocking-when have we ever agreed, MARK IT DOWN!

Karissa said...

That purse is FABULOUS!! Pink would be my ideal color, but I have ventured more brown into my wardrobe lately. Maybe Josh is rubbing off on me...ha ha!!

How about we each buy those shoes for ourselves and say they were a gift to the other for our 30th!!??