Thursday, March 25, 2010

Outside Fun!

In this generation of computers and video games (which, I'm not going to lie, my son is obsessed with) I am thankful that my children still prefer to be outside when the opportunity arises. We have been blessed with a slight look at Spring and we have taken FULL advantage.

I love that I can open up the back side of the house, hang out on the deck, and the kids can just PLAY! I swear, Malakai would be out there for HOURS if allowed. I had a chance to shoot a few pics the other day...

Also couldn't get by without taking pics of the two cutest Leprechauns EVER! As you can tell, Malakai has gotten a haircut and he LOVES it! He has been asking for awhile to have short hair, and after Josh saw Jackson's, there was no stopping them! I feel like it makes him look so much older!


Katie Thomson said...

Looks fun! Rylee loves the outdoors and we are out there at least 15 mintues a day. And she has to have a wide in her wagon once a day too! There is a tiny park near the house we are moving too. I am sure we will be there quite often! You are too lucky to have your own "park" right in your backyard! :o)

Megan Daly said...

Ok Seriously, I am glad my kids aren't the only ones obsessed with their video games. aka DS.

I love that it has gotten warm a few times here also.

Spring and Summer aren't coming fast enough for me. :)

Sarah McK said...

He does look older. I cut Callum's as well. As Logan said, "He went into that chair a baby . . . he came out a man." :) Bittersweet.