Sunday, March 21, 2010

Leila Jane is Two!!

Happy Birthday to my precious Leila Jane! She has headed in to the Two's with Full Force!! I'm just going to give you a few highlights of the birthday celebrations....that seems to have lasted weeks!!

Even though her party wasn't till 4 days after her birthday, I still wanted to do something special on her "day" So the night before, I spent HOURS making THESE cupcakes for her! I had no idea what I was getting myself into! They were delicious, but I don't think anyone really appreciated the effort that went in to them! We had pizza and crazy bread (Leila's favorite) and skyped Kiera who enjoyed cupcakes and sang happy birthday with us, along with Sarah.

The party in Kansas City was a huge hit! Thank you so much to Goodness Sakes, Cakes! for providing the PERFECT Abby Cadabby cake! All the family was there and Leila was in heaven! The weekend went by way too fast, like always, but we had a great time!!

I also got to meet my new, precious baby cousin, Liam!! My kids are just as much in love with him as Josh and I are! He is so sweet and snuglly, I just want to take him home with me!

Till Next Time!


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