Monday, November 3, 2008

One a Day!

Thank you to Kate for informing all of us that it is National Blog Post month! She has put up the challenge of blogging once a day for the month of November. Like Kate, I'm a little late, however, I'm going to try and tie three blogs into this one post to catch me up :) I then will challenge myself and my fellow bloggers to blogging at least once a day for the month of November! Whoo Hoo!

Blog 1: Trip to Phoenix

Amazing!! Too short!! Refreshing!! I loved seeing my new nephew, my family, and my bff and her family! Traveling went super smooth, the kids were amazing on the flight and adjusted really well to no scheduled naps, meal-times, poops, etc.

It flew by! We could have stayed 12 weeks and not gotten enough quality time with everyone! I enjoyed a girls night out with Colleen and some of her wonderful girlfriends. Josh got some boy time with Denny (with Kai and Alex), Kai got a little time with Jackson and Tyler, even though I wouldn't be surprised if Jackson never wanted to see him again, Kai was not very nice, and I got to witness the amazing parents that my brother and sister-in-law are becoming.

Josh showing he can have a good time at the mall :)

Blog 2: Malakai started Ice Hockey!

OMG! I like to think that Josh and I are educated on many sports. However, hockey IS NOT one of them!! People just don't really play hockey in KC. That's why when we moved to STL and saw that High School's had hockey teams, we were shocked!! With it being the busy season for Josh, and hockey being on Saturday morning, I was tackling this task with myself, my two kids, and my mom. NEVER AGAIN with out Josh!! You have to arrive 30 minutes early just so you can get all the freaking equipment on! I've never seen so much padding. However, Malakai was VERY impressed with his biker shorts with the built in cup to protect his pee-pee. We are talking shorts, pants, cups, padded shorts, socks, suspenders, shoulder pads, chin guards, elbow pads, helmet, skates, mouth guard, and hockey stick! I'm sure I'm forgetting something....oh yeah, JERSEY!

The coaches are amazing and their patience is even more amazing. Malakai really enjoyed it and is looking forward to next week! As for Mommy...not so much :)

Blog 3: Wedding Shower/Halloween Parade
I hosted a wedding shower for my dear friends Sarah and Carrie who are having a double wedding next weekend. It went well, pretty much the standard shower, food, presents, cake, leave :) Just thought that Leila looked adorable for the party and wanted to share a pic :)

Malakai had a Halloween parade at school on Friday. So cute! Just wanted to share a pic.

Well there you have it! I am now caught up for the month of November :) Now there will be one blog a day from here on out!


Best thing since I last blogged - Family Vacation

Worse thing since I last blogged - Airlines no longer giving complimentary beverages (except for southwest) we spent $25 on the way home just on sodas, crackers, and peanuts. Oh yeah, and my $7 rum and coke :)


The Gourleys wild ride said...

You just made my week! A blog from you every single day? Well that is like a chocolate martini!!! ;-)
Glad you got to see your family and friends!

K to the M said...

Now I feel pressure! LOL! Mmmmm, you just made my mouth water for the J Bucks chocolate martini we had! Yummy!

The Gourleys wild ride said...

Oh that was good- good company to ;-)
No joke my word verification code is SUGHA lol