Saturday, November 22, 2008


I obviously did not reach my goal of blogging everyday for the month of November! Give me a break people, I'm going for quality, not quantity! Lol!

I have however, succeeded at many other things recently that this failure is making only a tiny notch on my headboard of goals ;)

For example, I have:

  • Spent very valuable time getting together a diet and an exercise plan that is ready to be implemented December 1st! I have even managed to work the gym into my schedule and it is not taking any more time away from my children.

  • Not yelled at my mom for something in two what if she is in Phoenix, it still counts :)

  • Managed not to pull my hair out strand by strand while my sweet little Leila Jane has gone missing and been replaced by the spawn of Satan. Please teeth, just come in already!!

  • Worn my pink power ranger mask that Malakai made for me on the computer during dinner the past two nights and haven't complained once!

  • Cooked...almost every night the past two weeks!

  • Given up my $5/day Starbucks habit and settled for lower class Quick Trip Mocha's.

  • Not tried to kill my dog this week

  • Went to the post office AND the UPS store!

So see, even though I didn't blog every day this month, there is a list of other things I have accomplished while I wasn't blogging :)

On a different note, Malakai had his Thanksgiving Lunch at school yesterday. Since I was unable to attend, Josh and Leila were there. From what I hear it was good times. Josh took a few pictures. In the last parent/teacher conference that we had Kai's teachers told us that he shows NO interest in the girls in the class. He is perfectly fine playing transformers and football with the boys. He also NEVER mentions ANY of the girls in his class. So here it is ladies, the key to Malakai's heart....offer to feed him icing off your finger! It gets him every time!!

These are the only pictures we got, however, I can't blame Josh, the room was CROWDED and he was going back and forth between Malakai and Leila. I give him the #1 Room Mom title :)

Here is a little video of Leila just moving along! She can have a MILLION toys out and she will find something else that she isn't supposed to have. I managed to catch a "happy" moment and believe me, there haven't been very many lately. She has been CRAAABYYY!! She is getting used to me not being home, she has a nasty cough, and her gums are SO swollen there HAS to be more teeth coming through!

Best thing since I last blogged: Goddard telling me they can switch Malakai' days! YEAH!

Worst thing since I last blogged: Having to clean up after a four year old who has covered an ENTIRE room in baby powder! Ugh!


Relizra said...

At least you gave it a shot. I didn't even try, because I KNEW I would fail. Those that think working from home is all bon bons and soap shows are sadly mistaken. I've been working my little tooshie off and don't seem to be accomplishing much. Also, I can admit that I HAVE tried to kill my dog on more than one occasion this week. Anyone want a chihuahua?

K to the M said...

Yeah, I have another gf that works from home also! You gals still have the stress of working AND being a SAHM at the same time! I don't know what your talking about, your dog is a freaking ANGEL compared to Oscar. Wanna trade? You failed to mention if you've taken my place and yelled at my mom for anything. If you haven't she is there for two weeks, just give it time! lol

Relizra said...

I don't know that I would actually yell at mom. However, I'm going to plead the 5th on whether or not I've thought about it! :-)

JK, so far it's been great. I'm super busy with work, so it's sort of like a live in babysitter. It's nice to have the extra hands around.

Relizra said...

Oh, and I'm sure if Oscar were whining at 5 am every morning for NO apparent reason other than to be a pain, I'm not sure you would want to trade anymore. I can deal with waking up to a baby, not with whining, annoying dog.

The Gourleys wild ride said...

cute, precious sweet and I am SO there with the teething, please God, make it stop! A glass of wine almost nightly ;-/
xoxo miss you!

Crystal's Creations said...

I hadn't checked your blog in awhile. I'm glad to see you've been blogging like crazy. This one however had me lol'ing so hard. I hope you guys are good!