Wednesday, November 5, 2008

From one sibling to another...

Just wanted to share that Malakai was more than willing to share one of his favorite toys with his baby sister Leila! He loved this thing when he was her age!! I just can't believe how fast they grow! It is times like this, when they are having one of those "moments" that it crosses my mind to have another. Ummm, that lasts about 2.2 seconds!
Leila: Almost 8 months!

Malakai: Almost 8 months!


Best thing since I last blogged: Having a night out and drinks with the hubby

Worse thing since I last blogged: Two words....Presidential Election!


Thomson Family said...

Oh you are so lucky to have kids to blog about. That makes your next 24 days SO much easier! :o) They are so dang cute too!

K to the M said...

Easier to give me content! Harder on giving me time! Catch 22 :)