Saturday, October 18, 2008

Time for a change!

In case you haven't heard...I got a new job!! I am so excited!! I told Josh that I FINALLY had an interview with someone who appreciated and respected by background, education, experience, and being a mother. I am going to be the new Office Coordinator at a Family Medicine practice. Pay is good, benefits are good, hours are awesome, and the best part...I get to wear scrubs to work! It's not teaching, but hey, with the chump change they are paying teachers these days, it wouldn't even cover my daycare! Pretty sad if you ask me!

Another change in our house...I colored my hair! I have NEVER been dark before, so it has been quite the change. Josh said he almost has this weird feeling that he is cheating on me! LOL!



Best thing since I last blogged: Getting a Job!! Duh!!

Worse thing since I last blogged: Stressing out over our family of four flying!




The Gourleys wild ride said...

Mysterious- I to felt like I was cheating on you the other night @ dinner....hmmm
CONGRATS, YOU deserve it babe!

Anonymous said...

Love the new look, I know a weekend in KC didn't do that to you! Or was it just Sat night with us? LOL Don't stress to much about the flight, my sis and bro in law flew to Buffalo, NY with their three sons ages 13 and twin 7 yr olds and they survived!