Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Malakai and Kiera attended Summer Break Out at Grace Church last week. Let’s just say that it is a whole blog in itself! They had an amazing time! The theme this year was “Crack the Code” and they went on a “mission” to Kurdistan!! Malakai has taken an extreme interest in Kurdistan and enjoys filling me in on facts he learned throughout the week. The video below just gives a brief showing of what their week was like! I love it!!

2. I'm going GLAMPING! If you live in the Midwest, you are VERY familiar with float-trips. Everyone goes, sleeps in a tent, canoe's or rafts down the river all day, and sleeps or passes out in a tent again. I have been on ONE in my entire life and it was AWFUL!!! I have, until this past weekend, refused to ever go again! The one time I went, we forgot the poles to the tent so we slept in the car, the person in my canoe, who shall go unamed, screamed at me the entire time because I was doing it "wrong" and a snake jumped in our canoe. NOT FUN!! Josh has been asking me to give it another try and promises it will be a much better experience. FINE!! I'll do it! Especially since GLAMPING is the new black of travel. Josh is sort of rolling his eyes at this whole idea, but he isn't arguing....just shows how bad he wants to do it! Now if I can only get him to buy me this sleeping bag....hmmmmm

3. My mom comes in town of Friday. She is staying with us for 17 days! The kids are SO excited!! It will be nice to have her visit.

4. Have you ever looked at the "People you may know" on Facebook. Yes! I realize I may know these people, however, there is a reason I'm not friends with them :)

5. OMG! Kasey on The Bachelorette is CRAZY! From day one I told Josh his voice was like nails on a chalkboard to me!! Surely he will get home, watch these episodes, and enter therapy!! For the love of men!! I love Roberto! I predict him and Kirk to be the top two, but we will see.

6. I am leaving it in Josh’s hands to plan something for my 30th birthday. Why do I do this to myself?! I am the planner in this relationship! I could just do it and be done with it. Nope, not this time…it’s all him. I have Faith!

7. It has been HOT! Like walk outside and the humidity just falls on your body….HOT! Why is it like this in June? Usually this sort of heat holds off till mid-July!

8. Sometimes I wish my GPS had an "Avoid Ghetto" option!

9. Malakai came back from Kansas City with a new favorite show....Kick Buttowski...ummm, WTF?!

10. I'm a little disappointed that the next book in the Nora Roberts series doesn't come out until November! Really?! November!! That is like forever away!


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