Thursday, June 24, 2010

Babe Ruth Saved Baseball....

Okay, so this season of baseball for Malakai is almost over and I haven't posted ANY pictures!! This is his first year doing Coach Pitch. The nice thing is, is that Josh and Paul are coaching for the third year in a row and have carried a lot of the same boys through the years.

I truly LOVE watching Josh coach! He is in such his element. I know there are going to be many years of watching him do this, which is good, because I just can't get enough. The kids adore and respect him and the parents are forever impressed with him and his ability to work with the players.

Malakai seems to enjoy it as well. There has only been one game where his lack of motivation really caused steam to be released from Josh's ears! He held it in very well, since he was pitching and couldn't very well rip him off the field, however, I could see the smoke!!

We are still unsure if he is a lefty or a righty, which makes things rather difficult. But in the end, I think he is going to be just fine. Even if he doesn't make it in the big leagues, he could very well make it as an announcer! Which leads me to my next story....

Right after Malakai was born, my dad was in the bookstore and over heard a father reading his son THIS book. If you know my dad, you know he wears his emotions on his sleeve and got a little teary eyed while listening to this story. So, he bought the book for Malakai. It has since, become one of his all time favorite books.

Just the other week, in the middle of Malakai's game, he turns to Coach Paul and says, "Did you know Babe Ruth saved baseball Coach Paul?" A little thrown off by hearing a 5 year old talk about Babe Ruth, Coach Paul says "I did know that Malakai!" the sweet little boy then proceeds to shoot off all of Babe Ruths hitting statistics from when he played for Boston and when he played for the Yankees. I just love this kid!

Leila even enjoys watching :)


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