Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer To-Do's

I have seen this idea around blog-land A LOT, so I can't really credit one place for the idea. Here is the deal with summer.

I feel like Stay-At-Home Mom's have a much more DRASTIC change in their lives when it comes to the transition of School Year to Summer. I mean really, they go from their kids being in school to having their kids home ALL the time. So they don't DIE of boredom, I feel they are MUCH more prepared for Summer. Having activities, camps, crafts, etc. planned throughout the summer. As for me, and I can probably speak for most working mom's, not a whole lot changes. Other than, you are finding other places/camps for your children to spend their days. I fear that this also makes it easier for me to almost "forget" about Summer. Remember how excited you were for Summer when you were a child?! There was nothing like it!! Swimming, playing with friends in the neighborhood, NO SCHOOL....the list is endless.

Since tomorrow starts the 1st OFFICIAL day of Summer, the timing is perfect :)

As a family, we put together this Miller Summer To-Do List. We all placed our favorite Summer Activities on there. Some of them we have already done, but that was before the "list" so we must do it again :) The goal is to have ALL items checked off before school starts in 2 short months!

I just used a piece of poster board and covered it with Scrapbook Paper and Stickers. Wrote out our list with a marker and put it in an old frame I found in the basement. The nice thing is is that I can take a dry erase marker and and mark things off the list right on the glass so I don't have to keep taking it out of the frame.

The Kids decided they wanted it in their playroom :)

What's on your Summer To-Do list?



Colleen said...

This is a DARLING idea!!! I can promise camping would NOT be on mine, but GO YOU! :-)

Laura said...

Such a cute idea!!

Karissa said...

Not Camping.....Glamping :) Google it, it's the new thing!! It's the only way J could convince me!!