Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ten On Tuesday...

1. I am embarrassed to admit that I have started Farming!! I know! I made so much fun of Josh, but I logged on to see what all the hooplah was about and found myself addicted!

2. Going along with my computer addiction, I have also decided to activate my Twitter account :) I always enjoy reading Colleen and Katie's so I now also Twit...or is it Tweet? You know you want to follow :)

3. My girl Nicole at Spirit's Breeze Photography has done it again! We had a photo shoot with her to re-enact Leila's 1st birthday and get some One Year Shots and once again, it was FABULOUS! She is so creative and makes Leila (and myself) so comfortable! She has a true talent and I am lucky to have her as a friend. Thanks Nicole!! I hope she doesn't mind that I took a few of the sneak-peak pics to show off her skills :)

4. I am getting ready to start my hard-core, 12 week training program for the half marathon in Virginia Beach. This is it boys and girls...this is what separates the men from the boys, hope I can hang.

5. I am probably going to jinx myself for this, but Malakai has been a total joy to be around lately! He listens, is great with Leila, and Josh and I always get complimented on his manners. I don't know how long this is going to last, but I am definitely enjoying it for the time being!

6. My girl Katie is definitely a top five contestant in the contest she entered! She has a 40% chance of winning a $25,000 mouth "grill" make-over. Please take the time to click on the link and vote for KATIE!! There is no registering and it seriously takes two seconds!


7. Most of you have probably already heard, but just in case, Bella (Josh's beloved bulldog) has eaten my blackberry! I came downstairs from putting the kids to bed and noticed her chewing on something, sure enough, it was my precious phone! She had punctured the glass and there was a wire poking out of the back. Amazingly enough it still works and we have the insurance on it thank goodness. It just is so frustrating! Josh seriously thinks this dog does no wrong! HELLO?! Josh works 60 hours a week!! Do you really think he is around enough to know how bad his dog REALLY is?? I think not!

8. Does anyone know anything about Broken Arrow, Oklahoma? I have this dream of living in a storybook/movie town. Where there is a town square and my kids can play outside till I call them in for dinner. A place where I can walk next door and ask my neighbor for a favor or if they have any salt for my margarita. Don't role your eyes, I said it was a dream :) So, I was researching places like this that were also high in the ratings to raise a family and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma popped up. Really?! My daydreams take me many places, never did I think they would lead me to Broken Arrow.

9. Sid the Science Kid! Have I talked about this show before? I LOVE this show! Not only is it great, but Malakai learns SO much from it! He talks about muscles, pulleys, levers, etc. and it is all because of this show! Not to mention that Sid is also bi-racial which I think is great! If you've never caught an episode it's on our local PBS channel at like 7:30am. Check it out! "I love my mom! My mom is cool!"

10. My horoscope for the past week went as follows:

Your daily routine may well be unsettled or disrupted this week, but while the influences shaping this development are mainly pesky, very minor ones, there’s a strong sense of progress and improvements following on from this. It’s a week where troubling news is likely to facilitate a change for the better, or where one step back actually enables two steps forward again! The 17th enables romance!

My routine wasn't really unsettled or disrupted this week. I am thankful for that. The 17th didn't really enable romance either! Hopefully it did for Colleen and Patrick since this was their anniversary! Happy Anniversary to my favorite couple :) I went the whole week waiting for troubling news, which never really happened either. I read my horoscope every week and then just wait....and usually wait some more for the stuff to happen. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, it's just a habit I've gotten in to and enjoy doing :)



the swope family said...

Going to have to read up on Broken Arrow, OK. I have a very similar daydream destination but my destination does not yet have a name. Maybe this will become my place to dream about!?!

K to the M said...

I'm SO glad I'm not the only one!! Let me know if you find anywhere else :) We are TOTALLY open!

Newlywed said...

I want to live in a place like Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls!!

Colleen said...

What is wrong with Phoenix, AZ! BLAH!??? Does it really matter where we live if we live on the same street????? I would be happy anywhere you are!

The Gourleys wild ride said...

Isn't it funny how so many peeps google the 'perfect' place to live. I did that about 3 years ago and knew I wanted to reside in NC somewhere, lol
I will have to look up Broken Arrow.
Love farming.
Thanks for the 'props' be sure to check the link, the rest are up ;-)
xoxo miss ya!